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The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries works to advance Prince Edward Island's primary industries and its approach to food development, production and sales.  The department provides assistance and information to clients and advocates on behalf of the marine fishery and the aquaculture industries to support the development of the fishing industry in a sustainable manner.

Some of the priorities in this mandate are to:

  • Grow and sustain all elements of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture
  • Protect the environment and resources
  • Develop products that place PEI among the world leaders in food production and innovation

Structure and Employees

Aquaculture and PEI Analytical Laboratories

The Division is comprised of two sections, the Aquaculture Section and the PEI Analytical Laboratories Section.  The Division has the mandate to sustainably develop the aquaculture and shellfishery industries and to support agriculture clients with high quality laboratory analysis of dairy, feed and soils and conduct plant disease diagnostics to support best management agricultural practices.

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The Aquaculture Section conducts a wide spectrum of activities in support of the aquaculture and estuarine shellfishing industries. The role of the section is to provide quality advice, assistance and information to support the sustainable development of both industries.

The section acts as an advocate for the Prince Edward Island aquaculture and shellfishing industries, and participates on a variety of committees with the federal, provincial and territorial governments and industry associations.

Section staff deliver technical and biological services to the shellfish and finfish sectors. Staff work closely with industry members, companies and associations toward resolving biological and technical issues and to address industry priorities. Staff are involved in research and development projects with industry members and other researchers that are focused on addressing priorities of industry.

The section is responsible for the delivery of both financial and technical programs in support of the sustainable development of the both the aquaculture and shellfishery sectors. Programs are designed to support sustainable growth, promote innovation, and support developmental and applied research. The section also is responsible for the delivery of monitoring programs that provide technical information required by industry.

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P.E.I. Analytical Laboratories

This section has responsibilities for delivering high-quality laboratory services.

Dairy Lab - The Dairy Laboratory provides microbiological and compositional analysis of raw milk and finished dairy products.

Plant Health Diagnostics - The Plant Diagnostic Laboratory provides disease identification services for commercial crops and home gardens. The laboratory operates on a seasonal basis from spring until fall.

Soil & Feed - The Soil, Feed and Water testing Laboratory provides chemical analysis of soil, feed, water, plant tissue, and greenhouse media.

Water Microbiology - The Water Microbiology Laboratory provides microbiological analysis of drinking water, surface water and wastewater

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Farm Business Risk Management (PEI Agricultural Insurance Corporation)

This Division is responsible for the administration of the Business Risk Management programs under the Federal Provincial Territorial Growing Forward 2 agreement.

Located in Kensington, the PEI Agricultural Insurance Corporation (AIC) administers AgriInsurance, AgriStability and AgriRecovery.  AIC is also responsible for AgriInvest.

AgriInsurance insures agricultural crops against production losses from specified perils (weather, pests, disease).  It includes production insurance, color rider, un-harvested acreage rider, storage insurance, forage insurance, phytosanitary and livestock insurance.

AgriStability offers protection against declines greater than 30% in farm income caused by circumstances such as low prices, rising input costs, and production losses.

AgriRecovery is a disaster assistance program and is designed to cover losses which are not covered by the other GF2 programs.  The program is requested by the Province when specific disaster situations occur within the Province. 


AgriInvest allows farmers flexibility to manage small financial risks and declines and to stabilize farm incomes and operations

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Insurance Programs
Safety Net Programs

Finance and Corporate Services provides financial, budget and administrative management for the Department.

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Financial Services

This section is responsible to assist departmental leaders and other personnel with the budget process and regular financial reviews. As well, this unit has the overall responsibility for the accounts payable and accounts receivable functions of the department including claiming activities under Federal-Provincial Agreements. On going support is also provided to departmental users of the ORACLE Financial Information System.

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Human Resources

Human Resources is part of the PEI Public Service Commission and has been assigned to provide direction, leadership, advice, coaching, and support to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with regard to all aspects of human resources (HR) and labour relations (LR) management. It ensures policies and programs are consistent and kept aligned with the strategic direction, while also supporting the department in advancing its mandate. It provides a full range human resource services and support including human resource planning, classification, recruitment and selection, payroll, occupational health and safety, employee assistance program, diversity program, learning and development, French language training and policy development.

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Marine Fisheries, Agri-Food, Seafood and Regulatory

The Division is comprised of two sections, the Agri-Food and Seafood Services Section and Marine Fisheries and Regulatory Section.

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Agri-food and Seafood Services

Agri-food Services Section delivers programs and expertise to assist the agri-food industry in product development, market development, and strategic industry growth initiatives.  Agri-food Services also delivers programming in support of agricultural awareness, buy local initiatives, season extension, and business development.  The section also provides clients with a first point-of-contact for accurate and timely information on a wide variety of aspects of commercial agriculture.

Seafood Services Section is responsible for the administration of licenses pertaining to processing, buying and peddling under the Prince Edward Island Fisheries Act& Regulations.  The section is responsible for gathering, compiling and publishing fisheries information including statistical data relating to the maintenance and development of commercial fishery resources. Additionally, Seafood Services develops, executes, and participates in seafood marketing and promotional activities in collaboration with industry, other government departments and agencies in local, national, and international markets. 

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Marine Fisheries and Regulatory

Marine Fisheries Section represents the interests of Prince Edward Island fishers within the federal advisory committee process and provides advice, assistance and programs for the commercial fishing industry. This section collaborates with industry, other government departments and agencies on scientific research projects and initiatives to assess the commercial fishery resources. Marine Fisheries coordinates the Lobster Resource Monitoring Program and delivers the Future Fisher Program to the benefit of industry participants.  

Regulatory Services Section manages the development, monitoring, enforcement and collection of information relating to the legislation for which the Department is responsible. The section undertakes the monitoring, management and control of regulated plant diseases, the enforcement of minimum planting standards, virus testing programs, measures related to seafood quality  as well as  animal health and protection

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Minister's Office
Office of the Provincial Veterinarian

This Division has a legislated mandate including both terrestrial animals and aquatics, including; animal health protection, promotion and disease prevention; animal health surveillance and disease testing; agricultural research; and assurance systems (on-farm food safety; traceability; biosecurity; and emergency preparedness).

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Policy and Agriculture Resources

This Division has a wide ranging mandate which includes delivery of farm extension and sustainable resource programs and services for the department; management of Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) planning; policy and program development and evaluation; representation on the Assistant Deputy Minister agriculture/agri-food policy and regulatory committees; stakeholder engagement; domestic and foreign trade analysis; and assurance systems (on-farm food safety; traceability; biosecurity; and emergency preparedness).

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Agriculture Industry Development

This section provides resources to support agriculture industry development. Development Officers with crop and livestock commodity expertise are available to work with producers and partner with industry organizations and commodity groups on specific production related topics, industry development projects, on-farm innovative technology demonstrations, and applied research trials.  In addition, the section is involved with the delivery of funding programs.

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Policy, Planning and FPT Relations

The Policy Section manages the planning, development, and implementation of agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries, policies and programs and provides evidence-informed research advice to the Minister, Deputy Minister and staff. The section supports statistical reporting, stakeholder engagement activities, strategic planning, program evaluation, and the management of horizontal initiatives. The section is responsible for the coordination of information to and from various FPT policy, performance management, and statistics groups.

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Sustainable Agriculture

This section supports the agriculture sector in contributing to society’s priorities of clean soil, water and air resources, improved biodiversity, food safety, traceability and biosecurity by encouraging producers to voluntarily implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) and on-farm assurance systems through delivery of the Agriculture Stewardship, Future Farmer, and Assurance Systems programs.

The section provides technical assistance and advice related to soil conservation, integrated pest management, developing successful and sustainable farm operations and addressing risk related but not limited to on-farm and post-farm food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity, traceability, animal/plant health, emergency management, quality assurance, and surveillance.

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