About: Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture

The Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture is committed to expanding Prince Edward Island's exports, creating jobs, and promoting overall economic growth and prosperity by encouraging business investment, development and sales in key economic sectors. The department strives for innovation by creating more opportunities for business, trade, jobs, and continuing to promote PEI as one of the world's best tourist destinations.

Some of the priorities in this mandate are to:

  • Lead the Sales PEI initiative to create greater success for PEI companies in export markets;
  • Review major physical assets that can translate into potential business development opportunities;
  • Lead the recruitment and retention of immigrant investors to PEI;
  • Ensure that business conditions on PEI, including red tape reduction, regulatory alignment and investment support help successful start up and acceleration;
  • Reach into key tourism markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia; and
  • Build our worldwide reputation as "Canada's Food Island."

Structure and Employees

Cultural Development Division
Economic and Population Growth
Finance and Administration
Labour and Industrial Relations

The mandate of the section is to assist in providing a stable and fair workplace environment for industry and labour thus maintaining uninterrupted production of goods and services. This section includes the Labour Relations Board, the Employment Standards Board, the Office of the Employer Advisor, the Office of the Worker Advisor and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

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Employment Standards Board
Employment Standards Branch
Office of the Employer Advisor
Office of the Worker Advisor
Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal
Marketing Communications, Sales and CRM

The Tourism PEI Marketing Division aggressively markets and promotes Prince Edward Island as a premier vacation destination through a comprehensive network of channels such as trade and sales, advertising and publicity, digital marketing and visitor services.

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Advertising and Publicity
Digital Marketing
Trade and Sales
Visitor Services
Minister's Office
Museum and Heritage Foundation
Project ART
Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Division is responsible for guiding policy strategic planning, regulatory affairs and evaluation of tourism as an economic driver on Prince Edward Island.

Through various support programs, the Division is responsible for guidance and investment in Regional Tourism Associations and other sector groups to develop tourism products and strengthen capacity that ultimately benefits the tourism industry as a whole on PEI.

The Division oversees regulatory affairs that include enforcement of the Tourism Industry Act and the Highway Signage Act.

The Division is the lead liaison for intergovernmental affairs including an advocacy role to represent the interests of the tourism industry in key policy areas.

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Evaluation, Measurement and Business Intelligence Unit
Product Development, Investment and Regulatory Affairs Unit

This unit is responsible for: working with all industry stakeholders to attract and grow tourism development opportunities, focusing on key verticals, (coastal, culinary, culture and golf) while increasing the awareness of the economic significance of tourism to provincial and local economies.

All regulatory functions administered under the authority of the Tourism Industry Act and Regulations as well as the Highway Signage Act and Regulations.


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Tourism Corporate Services / Golf / Parks

The Tourism Corporate Services/Golf/Parks Division of Tourism PEI is responsible for general administration, financial services, records management, risk management, provincial parks and provincial golf operations.

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Workforce Development
Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture
Minister's Office
Deputy Minister
CEO, Tourism PEI
Administrative Assistant
Senior Communications Officer

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