About: Transportation and Infrastructure

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure provides for essential transportation systems for the travelling public and the effective and efficient transport of goods. It provides the infrastructure for government services in building construction, crown land management, building maintenance and accommodations. The department works to improve Prince Edward Island’s physical assets and ensure highways and roads are safe for all Islanders. 

Some of the priorities in this mandate are to: 

  • Develop infrastructure renewal plans and partner with other governments to carry them out 
  • Provide and improve front-line government services though Access PEI

Structure and Employees

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects Division is responsible for the design and construction of Government's highway and building infrastructure. The Division consists of four sections: Highway Construction, Planning and Design, Engineering Services and Materials Lab.

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Design and Bridge Maintenance

The Highway Design and Bridges section provides design services for the highway and bridge network on PEI for reconstruction and rehabilitation purposes.  It also provides an inspection and maintenance program for the 1500+ bridge structures on PEI and ensures structural integrity of those structures.  This section also provide the management services for bridge construction and rehabilitation projects which includes contract administration, construction management and project management. 

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Engineering Services

This section provides quality control services on all highway construction and selected highway maintenance projects, land survey services, and is responsible for the development and maintenance of selected information systems. It also provides highway planning and design services on selected highway initiatives and has responsibilities for designated ports within the Province.

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Highway Construction

Highway Construction is responsible for the construction of capital highway reconstruction projects on Prince Edward Island.

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Materials Lab

The Materials Laboratory is responsible for providing technical support in ensuring Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing for materials incorporated into the Transportation Infrastructure.

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Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and traffic operations for the province, as well as technical and informational support to the Department for its highway construction and highway maintenance activities.

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Finance and Human Resources

The Finance Section is responsible for the fiscal management of the Department.

The Human Resources Section is responsible for the Payroll, Personnel, Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety services provided within the Department.

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Highway Maintenance

The Highway Maintenance Division provides a full range of maintenance services for the entire provincial highway system.  The Division is organized by function and into sections and work units.

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Highway Maintenance Operations

Regional operations provide year-round maintenance services for all provincially owned roads across the Province. These services include: pavement surface maintenance, roadside maintenance, drainage and stormwater, unpaved roads, dust control, snow & ice control. (Maintenance of signage, pavement marking and traffic control devices is provided by the Capital Projects Division).

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Mechanical Branch

The supply and general management of a large fleet of heavy equipment & light vehicles and provision of skilled operators used directly to execute the work programs delivered by the respective county operations are deployed from regional maintenance facilities.

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Provincial Headquarters

Provincial Headquarters is responsible for central management functions such as program development, budgeting, inventory control, bulk purchasing and contract preparation.  Technical Services, which develop standardized policies and procedures for work crews and staff training & development, is at this location as well.

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Highway Safety

The Highways Safety Division is responsible for driver’s education and training, issuing driver’s licenses and registration, as well as updating and maintaining multiple pieces of legislation around impaired driving, distracted driving and various traffic violations.

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Infrastructure Secretariat

Infrastructure is a joint initiative between the Government of Canada and the Government of Prince Edward Island. The program began in the fiscal year 2000-2001 and with millions of dollars invested in municipalities across the province to support major capital projects.

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Policy and Planning

Administers all Provincial Infrastructure programs and provides policy advisory services to the department

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Land and Environment

The LAND ENVIRONMENT DIVISION is comprised of three Sections including Environmental Management, Provincial Properties and Surveys. The Division provides:  environmental management and regulatory compliance services for the Department and for others conducting activities within the Provincial Right-of-Way; core land management and administration for all government lands and holdings, and real estate services on behalf of all government agencies; and, land and engineering surveying services for the Department and other government agencies, expertise on boundary law and the status of public roads, and maintenance of the Provincial cadastral infrastructure. 

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Environmental Management

This Section is an environmental management unit providing environmental quality control and assurance for Department activities and initiatives. This Section is responsible to ensure continued environmental management and regularity compliance during construction and maintenance works performed by the Department or by others within the Provincial right-of way. The Section also plays a key role in addressing a variety of public issues relative to environmental management including environmental assessments and studies, and program / policy development. The Section also includes the Chief Surveyor and a team of survey technicians and researchers who are responsible for providing timely and efficient land and engineering services for TIR, as well as other government departments and agencies.


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The role of the Properties Section is four-fold: provide real estate services on behalf of all government departments in regards to the ownership of provincial properties; provide high quality and timely advice to the Government of Prince Edward Island on all property matters associated with Provincial lands including public roads and the Confederation Trail; provide quality service to all out-clients in the areas of Provincial Land Management; and, to manage the Province’s real property assets to their “highest and best use and, in doing so, stimulate and/or support the economy of Prince Edward Island.


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The Section is managed by the Provincial Chief Surveyor who is responsible for maintaining a cadastral infrastructure that sustains the security of land tenure, thereby promoting secure economic development and prosperity in the Province.  The Chief Surveyor is a licensed land surveyor and is part of a specialized team within the Department that provides timely and efficient land and engineering services for the Department as well as other government departments and agencies.  Legislative responsibilities include: maintenance of the provincial survey reference system; providing specialist opinion and guidance on property related matters; regulating and advising on surveys completed under the Natural Gas Act and the Mineral Resources Act; and, providing an alternative for equitable resolution of certain boundary disputes.


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Minister's Office
Public Works and Planning

The Public Works and Planning Division provides the staff and resources required to complete the design and construction of new capital building projects, renovation of existing buildings for Government departments, boards, and agencies as well as operate and maintain buildings owned or leased by the Department. General activities and specific projects carried out by each Section are summarized as follows:

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Building Design and Construction

The Building Design and Construction Section is responsible for the design and preparation of tender documents required for the construction or renovation of various government and client buildings; as well as the supervision and inspection of construction work to ensure that contracts are completed in accordance with plans, specifications, and budget allocations. The design work is either performed by staff or private consultants, engaged for a specific project.

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Building Maintenance and Accommodations

The Building Maintenance and Accommodations Section is responsible for the provision of quality services for Government in the areas of building operations, maintenance, and accommodations; including the day to day operation and maintenance of Government buildings and systems. It is also responsible for the short and long term spatial requirements of Government departments and agencies within Government owned and/or leased facilities.

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Service PEI
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Access PEI

Access PEI is a one-stop location to obtain provincial government programs, services and information.

There are eight Access PEI sites across the province. Islanders can obtain a wide range of programs and services including paying property tax, obtaining a drivers license, purchasing a fishing license and many other services.

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Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Minister's Office
Fax: 902-368-5385
Deputy Minister
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Minister
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Minister
Senior Communications Officer

General Inquiries

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
3rd Floor, Jones Building
11 Kent Street,
P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Phone: 902-368-5100
Fax: 902-368-5395

Access PEI/Highway Safety Head Office
33 Riverside Drive
Charlottetown, PE
Phone: 902-368-5200

Road-Related Inquiries: roads@gov.pe.ca

All other Transportation and Infrastructure inquiries: DeptTI@gov.pe.ca

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