Emergency Shelter and Outreach Services Usage Reports

The number of people using temporary shelter and community outreach services in PEI is available here. 

Use the fields below to search monthly usage data by service and year. Select Shelter (name), Shelter support line, or Outreach Centre and select the year. 

Shelter usage reports include both capacity and occupancy. These are calculated as follows:

  • Capacity refers to the number of beds available per night times the number of nights in the month reported. For example, a shelter with 50 beds per night during a 30-day month has a capacity of 1500.
  • Occupancy refers to the number of beds used during the month reported.

The information is updated as reports are submitted.

Monthly shelter statistics are self-reported by shelter organizations and compiled by the Government of Prince Edward Island.

Published date: 
May 21, 2024
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