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This is prepared for information purposes. If you require an official record of your test results, visit Request your COVID-19 Test Result Report.

If you have a test for COVID-19 in PEI, most results will appear below within 4-12 hours from time of testing; it can take up to 24-48 hours for some results to be available. Test results are available here for 14 days after date of testing. 

If your result is positive from any provincial testing location see Information for people who have tested positive for COVID-19 webpage for next steps.

If your results do not appear here within 48 hours after being tested, please contact your Health Care Provider that ordered the test or contact the Health Records Department within your community hospital.

Information in all fields must match our records for results to display. PEI Residents must enter their 8 digit PEI Health Card Number. Visitors must enter the 8 or 9 digit Medical Record Number (MRN) they received when they were tested.

For assistance on searching for your results visit: COVID-19 Test Results

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Protect your personal information. If you are searching this information from a public computer, remember to clear the browsing history once you complete your search.

Published date: 
April 28, 2023