Rheumatoid Arthritis Special Authorization Request Form

Pharmacare Program
January 13, 2021

Special authorization request form to be completed by your physician or diagnosing specialist.

Drivers Medical Certificate Application

Highway Safety
January 12, 2021

Employment Standards Complaint Form

Labour and Industrial Relations
January 5, 2021

Employment Standards Complaint Form (filed under the Prince Edward Island Employment Standards Act)

Fertility Support Program Application Form

December 31, 2020

Funding for IVF and/or IUI treatment can be accessed by submitting this application to the Fertility Support Program.

Season Pass Waiver for Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park

Tourism Corporate Services / Golf / Parks
December 31, 2020

Insulin Pump Program: Family Contribution Assessment and Release of Information Form

Primary Care and Chronic Disease
December 31, 2020

Complete this form to register for the Insulin Pump Program. Include a recent certified copy of your Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Return from the previous year for you and your spouse, if applicable.

Request for Additional Eligible Equipment Associated with a Marked Fuel/Levy Exemption Permit

Tax Administration and Compliance Services
December 23, 2020

Mobile Home Change / Advice

Real Property Services
December 23, 2020

General Inquiries

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