AgriStability Program

Notice to Prince Edward Island Farmers interested in Participating in the 2017 AgriStability Program:

The 2017 AgriStability Enrolment Notices will be sent mid-March to participating producers.

If you are interested in participating in the AgriStability Program for 2017 and have not received an enrolment notice by the end of March, 2017, please contact the AgriStability office at 1-855-251-9695.

Those requesting entry into the program after April 30, 2017 will not be eligible to participate in AgriStability for the 2017 program year.

Deadlines for the 2016 AgriStability Support Year

  1. September 30, 2017 - File 2016 Income and Expense Statements with CRA (use the T1163 form indicating whether you are an AgriStability Client; an AgriInvest Client; or, a client in both programs)(Corporate farms must submit this information directly to the PEI AgriStabiility office).
  2. September 30, 2017- Complete 2016 Supplemental Forms and submit to the PEI AgriStability office.

Deadlines for the 2017 AgriStability Support Year:

  1. April 30, 2017 - Participants from 2016-Pay fee without penalty or sign and return the “Opt Out” Form.
  2. April 30, 2017 - New participants  sign the 2017 Enrollment Notice and pay the fee without penalty.
  3. December 31, 2017 - Final Deadline to Pay 2017 Program Fees

For more information contact the local administration office:

AGRI STABILITY Administration
Agricultural Insurance Corporation
7 Gerald MacCarville Drive
Kensington, PE

Tel: 1-855-251-9695
Fax: (902)836-8912

NOTE: New Participants should contact the Administration Office for supplemental forms.


Published date: 
January 24, 2017