Aquaculture Technology Program

The purpose of the Aquaculture Technology Program is to provide an incentive for private aquaculture operations to:

  1. Develop or adopt new techniques or technologies in order to expand production
  2. Reduce production costs or otherwise increase earnings through more efficient production
  3. Assess new approved species or to improve the environmental acceptability of aquaculture.

Who is eligible for funding?

  1. Any individual or legally incorporated company involved in aquaculture in Prince Edward Island and holding the necessary permits, licenses and leases may apply.
  2. Organizations and institutions recognized in the Prince Edward Island aquaculture industry may also apply.

What expenses are eligible for funding?

Eligible expenditures may include equipment and modifications, materials and supplies, design and engineering costs, and site preparations.

What expenses are not?

Not eligible are real estate, vehicles, salaries and wages.

What funding assistance is available?

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries may provide a financial incentive of 60% of eligible expenditures to a maximum assistance of $10,000 for project proposals fulfilling the purpose of the program. In the event that a proposal received funding from other public sources, the funding from this program will be reduced such that the combination of all such funding sources will not exceed 75%. An applicant will normally be limited to one approved application per fiscal year.

How do I apply?

The proposal must be submitted in accordance with a prescribed application form complete with any required supporting documentation.

Is there program deadline?

Applications will be processed subject to the availability of funds and in the order of submission.

How do I claim?

The claim must include original invoices supported by verification of payment (such as copies of cheques).

Forward completed, signed application (and claim) form to:

PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
PO Box 1180
548 Main Street
Montague, PE   C0A 1R0
Attention: Aaron Ramsay
Phone: (902) 838-0910
Fax: (902) 838-0975

When does the program end?

The program expires March 31, 2019 and no claims for funding will be accepted with expenditures incurred after that date

Published date: 
January 16, 2019
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