ARIP: Technology and Science Adoption Subprogram

GF2 programs are now fully committed for the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

Applicants wishing to apply for 2017/2018 fiscal year should contact the Program Administrator.

The Technology and Science Adoption sub-program has two purposes:

  • to encourage the adoption of best practices, new technologies, and processes that will improve efficiency and profit margins.
  • to provide assistance for process improvement and technology adoption and implementation.  

Who is eligible for funding?

  • Agricultural producers
  • Groups of agriculture producers
  • Small to medium-sized Agri-processors
  • Provincial agricultural industry organizations, clubs, and associations
  • Others may be considered upon special request
  • Applicants must be a resident of Prince Edward Island

What activities are eligible for funding?

  • projects must implement and/or evaluate efficiency principles that may lead to reduce costs, add value, improve efficiency, improve product quality and food safety, or increase market access.

What expenses are eligible for funding?

  • Process improvement audits as completed by a consultant with demonstrated background and qualifications (i.e. Certified Crop Advisor, LEAN Principles) as related to the assessment
  • Purchase of small capital items as a component of a process  improvement
  • Monitors or sensors which improve on-farm automation and recording, as prioritized by industry for adoption
  • Renovations to existing infrastructure
  • Modifications to equipment to improve efficiency
  • Other items as deemed eligible by the program review committee.

What expenses are not funded?

  • Capital items previously covered under the Growing Forward Agriculture Stewardship Program (2009-2013)
  • Use of funding to subsidize purchase of common items that can be used for multiple purposes (i.e. digital cameras, GPS, Smart phones)
  • Crop and land management and improvement activities will generally not be eligible, but may be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • Labor, in-kind, and meal expenses
  • Seed, plants and livestock
  • Training courses
  • Construction of buildings or other facilities
  • Non arms-length transactions
  • Administration and overhead

What funding assistance is available?

  • Consultant fees for the assessment will be funded at 50% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $ 5,000
  • Process improvement projects will be funded at 35% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $ 5,000
  • Sensors and monitoring tools will be funded at 70% of eligible costs to a maximum of $ 2,500
  • Maximum allowable funding per applicant is $15,000 over the five year Growing Forward 2 program (2015-2018)

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the Technology and Science Adoption Application form addressing each of the following areas provided in the template.
  2. Project submissions will be reviewed monthly.

Is there a deadline?

The deadline for applications is the end of each month.  Proposals will be accepted for each monthly deadline until funds are fully committed.

Additional requirements

  • An assessment is required as a part of the application process.  Any cost incurred for this assessment is an eligible expense.  The assessment may also be completed by the applicant, or by a Departmental staff member.
  • Applicants will identify a process improvement, conduct a cost benefit analysis, and provide projected improvements or processes that may be realized as a part of that assessment.
  • Following implementation and evaluation of the process improvement, a final report must be submitted identifying the actual results.

How do I claim the funding?

To be reimbursed, applicants must submit a claim form to the Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with invoices and proof of payment, project report and a program evaluation. 

Forward completed application and claim forms to:

PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
PO Box 2000, 5th Floor Jones
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7N8
Phone: (902)368-4815 or Cell: (902)314-0828
Fax: (902)368-4857


Published date: 
June 2, 2017
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