Blueberry Blight Forecast

The Blueberry Blight Line is a service offered by the PEI Department of Agriculture & Fisheries to assist blueberry growers with Monilinia blight management.

What is Monilinia Blight?

Monilinia blight, which is also referred to as mummy berry can be found in most fruiting fields in PEI. It causes a blight of the leaves and blossoms in late May and early June. Fruit production losses resulting from this disease can vary from trace to severe between years, or fields, or even within a field. Crop management techniques and fungicides can be used to reduce disease losses but their use should be directed by accurate assessments. Proper selection of fungicide and correct application timing are important in achieving good control.

For more information on Monilinia Blight symptoms and control, please refer to Monilinia Blight of Wild Blueberry (New Brunswick Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, 2009)

How does the service work?

The service monitors weather, disease development and stage of crop growth to identify infection periods for Monilinia blight.

The information is compiled by the staff of the Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with assistance from grower cooperators.

How often is the forecast posted?

Reports will be published every Tuesday and Friday during Monilinia blight season (the month of May).

For more information, contact:

Chris Jordan
Berry Crop Development Officer
PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Phone: (902) 314-0816

PEI Monilinia Blight Forecasts for 2017:

Published date: 
May 19, 2017
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