Business Development Programs (Farm)

Business Development Programs will provide to farmers skills training, business practices assessment and business planning assistance. The initiatives are designed to enhance the ability of farmers to respond to change and to facilitate the development of sound business practices.

Five programs will be offered:

    • Modeled on the Environmental Farm Plan approach, workshops and follow-up activities will be offered to PEI farmers so that they can self-assess their current farm management practices and skills; build on the strengths they have identified; develop action plans, then implement sound business management practices and plans.
    • This program provides Prince Edward Island farmers with financial assistance for a variety of consulting services to address cost control, benchmarking, diversification, marketing, value-added enterprises, human resource planning, financing, development of strategic direction, risk management, succession or other challenges.
    • Funding will be available to Prince Edward Island farm families for training, so that they will be able to increase the profitability of their farms, pro-actively manage risk and adopt technology.
    • Funding will be available to provide assistance for group training to farmers; and to strengthen farm organizations through funding for strategic planning and training.
    • Funding will be available for projects which will build the capacity of Prince Edward Island farmers to better understand their financial situation, know their costs of production, and benchmark their farm performance and to enhance the ability of Prince Edward Island farmers to respond to change and to assume responsibility for comprehensive risk management in their agricultural operation.
Published date: 
May 11, 2017
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