Growing Forward 2 Programs

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The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have entered into a new five-year agreement for agriculture called Growing Forward 2.

Growing Forward represents a commitment from Canada's Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture for a new policy framework that will support a more profitable and competitive sector.

This new framework is built on three priority outcomes:

  • Innovation
  • Competitiveness and Market Development
  • Adaptability and Industry Capacity

Canadian Agriculture Partnership Consultation

With the GF2 agreement expiring in 2018, plans are underway to develop the next policy framework  known as the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) and the PEI Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been evaluating and collecting feedback on existing Growing Forward 2 (GF2) programming. The results of that feedback have been compiled into a consultations report.

Growing Forward 2 programs for PEI

Business Risk Management Programs

  • AgriStability (PEI)
    provides support when a producer experiences larger farm income losses. The program covers declines of more than 30% in a producer's average income from previous years.
  • AgriInvest (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
    a savings account for producers, which provides coverage for small income declines and allows for investments that help mitigate risks or improve market income.
  • AgriInsurance (PEI)
    program which includes insurance against production losses for specified perils (weather, pests, disease) and is being expanded to include more commodities.
  • AgriRecorvery (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
    disaster relief framework which provides a coordinated process for federal, provincial and territorial governments to respond rapidly when disasters strike, filling gaps not covered by existing programs.


Non-Business Risk Management Programs

Agriculture Livestock Enhancement Program

Agriculture Research and Innovation Program

Agriculture Stewardship Program

Alternative Land Use Services 2 (ALUS2)

Assurance Systems Program

Business Development Program

Environmental Farm Plans

Future Farmer Program

Organic Industry Development Program

Product and Market Development

Published date: 
April 1, 2015
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