Nutrient Management Planning Factsheet

Properly managed nutrients can reduce potential negative impacts on the environment. The primary goal of nutrient management planning is to ensure adequate nutrients are supplied to a crop with the least amount of impact on the surrounding natural resources. Prince Edward Island derives all of its drinking water from ground water sources and therefore is very concerned with overuse and inefficient application of nutrients applied to the land. A Nutrient Management Plan is a responsible approach to maintaining and protecting the Island’s drinking water quality.

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans can vary in appearance and format, but each plan should contain the following key components:

  • GIS maps outlining field boundaries for all fields included in the plan
  • Property identification numbers and provincial field identification numbers associated with each field
  • General farm information, including any environmental considerations
  • Field history including crop rotation dating back at least three years, and general management of each field including tillage type and timing, pest management strategies, use of glyphosate within the rotation, application of lime, yield, etc. for all fields included in the plan
  • Soil analyses for each field dated within 4 years or length of rotation, whichever is less
  • Analyses of any organic amendments used, dated within 4 years
  • Records of all fertility inputs including rates and timing of application, including organic and non-organic sources
  • Calibration certificates for any fertilization equipment used
  • Crop remval rates

There are a number of people in PEI who are qualified to create nutrient management plans.

Please contact the Nutrient Management specialist at (902) 316-1600 for more information.

Published date: 
December 22, 2017
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