Guidelines for Disposal of Cull Potatoes

These guidelines are designed to reduce the risk of contamination of land and water resources which may result from the improper disposal practices. 

The permanent discarding or temporary storage of cull potatoes on the surface of the ground may constitute an environmental and/or public health hazard.  

The burial of cull potatoes may result in the degradation of the quality of groundwater and surface water resources. 

What are cull potatoes?

Any combination of waste material, including soil, rock, potato waste (including sprouts) or other substances, where the potato waste content exceeds 10 % by volume is considered to be cull potatoes under these guidelines. These guidelines apply to the practice of land spreading or burial of cull potatoes.

What legislation applies to these guidelines?

The following guidelines for the disposal of cull or unmarketable potato products are made under the authority of Section 3 of the Prince Edward Island Environmental Protection Act.

What is the deadline to dispose of cull potatoes?

All potatoes must be disposed of or covered by June 15th

Can potato waste be buried in abandoned or operating excavation pits?

No.  Potato waste is organic and being that all excavation pits have exposed bedrock in them, which creates an easy access to the groundwater table, the organic waste can contaminate it.  For that reason, the burial or storage of organic waste in an abandoned or active excavation pit is a violation of the Excavation Pit Regulations.

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Published date: 
September 17, 2018
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