Land Identification Program

The Land Identification Program (LIP) prevents the development of land that is identified for non-development use. The general intent of the (LIP) is to protect and to preserve resource land from being sub-divided or developed for commercial or industrial use, and to protect it against land speculation.

What does “non-development use” mean?

Non-development use means for the purposes of forestry, wildlife, agriculture, recreation, permanent or seasonal residence, etc., and does not involve commercial or industrial development or subdivision.

Land is identified automatically for non-development use when:

  • it is acquired by a non-resident of PEI;
  • it is acquired by a corporation regardless of residency; or
  • it is transferred by the Crown or one of its agencies to a person or corporation.

How do I find out if land has been identified for non-development use?

Search the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission database [external link] to find out if a parcel of land has been identified for non-development use. You will need the parcel number to complete this search.

How do I remove the non-development use identification from my land?

Fill out and submit a Notice of Termination of Land Identification Agreement on the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission website.

Can land be identified for non-development use within a municipality?

The Land Identification Program does not apply for the following where the land:

  • is within the boundaries of a municipality that has an official plan approved by the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment under the Planning Act; or
  • is not located within the boundaries of a municipality referred to above; and
    • consists of a parcel of less than five acres; or
    • has a shore frontage of less than 165 feet; or
    • has received approval for the development of the entire parcel of land.

Will Land Identification expire?

A recent amendment to the Lands Protection Act Land Identification Regulations, effective January 1, 2015, states that all existing Land Identification Agreements will expire, automatically and retroactively, ten years from the original date of issue.

Are there laws that govern the identification of land in PEI?

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July 13, 2016
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