Provincial Veterinarian

Who does the Provincial Veterinarian report to?

The Provincial Veterinarian reports  directly to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

What is their role?

The Provincial Veterinarian will:

  • address the policy and regulatory issues related to:
    • animal health and welfare
    • cultured finfish industry on Prince Edward Island.
  • oversee provincial actions in any potential disease outbreak in the livestock or poultry industries.
  • oversee the health of finfish being transferred to and from Prince Edward Island
  • issue certification that finfish transferred to and from Prince Edward Island meet the Atlantic Province’s health criteria requirements for the transfer of finfish.
  • represent the province at the national level through membership on the Canadian Council of Chief Veterinary Officers.

Who is the Provincial Veterinarian?

Dr. Jill Wood
Chief Provincial Veterinarian

Published date: 
November 19, 2020