Tailgate Talks

Tailgate Talks is a video series produced by Department of Agriculture to showcase our important agriculture industry on PEI.

Tailgate Talks Episode 1 – PEI’s Future Farmer Program

Ever wonder what it takes to enter into the Agriculture industry on PEI? Here is a first hand story.

It’s the first in a new Tailgate Talks series, produced by Department of Agriculture for our Agriculture Industry on PEI.

Tailgate Talks episode 2 - Bee Industry

In our second installment of Tailgate Talks, find out what it is like to be a beekeeper on PEI.

The Department of Agriculture and Land supports the bee industry through programs including the Pollination Expansion Program. PrinceEdwardIsland.ca/PollinationProgram

Tailgate Talks episode 3 - Perennial crops

PEI has an extraordinary selection of perennial crops. Check out the third installment of Tailgate Talks to find out more about these growing industries on PEI!

Tailgate Talks episode 4 - PEI Potato Industry

The PEI potato industry is one of our main economic drivers (more than $1 billion to our province’s economy every year and provides more than 5,000 jobs) - but even more than that – it is engrained in our Island’s culture and identity.

Tailgate Talks episode 5 - Organic Farming in PEI

The organics industry on PEI is unique and growing rapidly. Check out our latest Tailgate Talks video for a powerful look at how a new Island resident on PEI is incorporating organics into his operation.

Tailgate Talks episode 6 - PEI's Dairy Industry

The Dairy Industry on PEI is full of variety and diversity and is focused on sustainability. Check out the latest segment in our tailgate talks series to get an inside look into our Province’s dairy industry.

Tailgate Talks episode 7 - PEI's Poultry Industry

Check out the latest installment in our Tailgate Talks series that takes us through PEI’s proactive egg producing industry.

Tailgate Talks episode 8 - PEI's Hog Industry

PEI’s hog sector is a valuable component to our Island agriculture industry. Watch the latest segment in our tailgate talks series for a sneak peak at the Island’s hog industry.

Published date: 
February 14, 2022

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