Prince Edward Island offers a vibrant and innovative community for research and development.

There is considerable focus and energy being directed at the PEI Bioscience sector from within industry, government and academia. Entrepreneurs from across the globe are realizing that Prince Edward Island is their land of opportunity and there is significant commitment and drive aiding commercial success.

From multi-national corporations to small and medium enterprises, contract research organizations to contract manufacturing organizations, we have the foundations for a strong bio-platform and the desire to make it work.

With over 1200 employees in the Bioscience Sector, including 200 PhD's (approximately 1.5% of our workforce) and over 40 companies, there has never been a better opportunity to be a big fish in a small, dynamic pond.

Our strength lies in our focus and our collaborative, partnership based approach. We have internationally recognized expertise and infrastructure related to the following key sectors:

  • Natural Product, bioactive based, discovery and development for personal care, nutrition & cosmetics
  • Treatment of diseases of aging and obesity, infection and immunity
  • Ag-Bio and specialty oils
  • Animal and Human Health products, including a focus on fish health

Our value proposition is focused on reduced risk product development and commercialization. We are keen on creating an environment which leads to a shorter time to market for new products.

The Complete Package:

Prince Edward Island offers a competitive business location by way of costs, access to infrastructure and experience. Our ability to attract and retain world class talent is as important to Sekisui and Novartis, as it is to SME's such as Chemaphor, Nautilus, Neurodyn, and Phyterra. It is an area where we have had much success. There is a quality of life in PEI that is second to none.

Outstanding Support for Innovation Based R&D:

Forget the red tape and get ready to grow! Our size and interconnectedness allows for unrivaled action and fast decision making. You need access to key decision makers - can you be there in 15 minutes? Connecting businesses, scientists and government at this level creates an ideal springboard for innovation and evolving business propositions.

Only in Prince Edward Island have these same decision makers, both at the Provincial and Federal level, put in place a ground breaking, model shifting program. The support it provides makes Prince Edward Island one of the best locations in North America for bioscience.

The BioCommons Research Park:

This 65 acre bioscience-focused industrial park provides a strategic location for growth of the maturing bioscience sector.  The BioCommons Research Park provides flexible space for companies to grow.  Pilot scale manufacturing space is available within the 24,000 square foot Light Manufacturing Centre.  There is the option to custom design the space to company needs or choose a green-field site to be built to your business specifications.

Garden of the Gulf:

Prince Edward Island is well known for our ample source of agriculture, fisheries, and aquaculture products. Bioscience companies will find highly knowledgeable and forward thinking farmers and fishers to partner with in sourcing inputs for new bioscience products.

A Highly Skilled Workforce:

The Holland College Centre for Applied Science and Technology will provide additional education and training opportunities for people working in this growing sector.

Prince Edward Island has an excellent reputation for its dedicated, loyal and highly skilled workforce. In the Bioscience sector, our ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce is built upon:

  • A highly educated local work force
  • Specialized post-secondary programs such as those within the Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI's School of Business or Holland College
  • The magnetic effect of having a base of world class researchers and companies in Prince Edward Island that attract other highly skilled employees to work in increasingly diverse job opportunities within the cluster

Excellence in Research Institutions and Infrastructure:

World class knowledge based infrastructure and equipment to support the ongoing growth of the bioscience sector can be found at institutions such as:

For more information, contact our Bioscience Business Development Professionals

Published date: 
June 8, 2015
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