2018 Municipal Election Results

Unofficial municipal election results will be posted here for 58 of the 63 municipalities.  Municipal Election results for Charlottetown, Summerside, Cornwall and Stratford will be posted by Elections PEI.  The Resort Municipality elected their council in August - their council was elected by acclamation.

Check with the municipality for the most up to date information.  The municipal information shall take precedence where there is a discrepancy.  Election results are subject to a recount and/or a judicial review.  Municipal Affairs will create a Municipal Election Summary Report once official results are submitted by municipalities.   

Election - November 5, 2018

These are the municipalities that had an election on November 5 (and at least one advance poll on or before November 3rd).



  • Alberton
    • Mayor: David Gordon  
    • Councillors: Connie Bernard, Donald Bernard, David Cahill, Blair Duggan, Claudia Gallant,  Kelly Williams (O'Meara) 
  • Borden-Carleton
    • Mayor: Charles MacKenzie 
    • Councillors: Larry Allen, Randy Ahearn, Nicole Bernard-Arsenault, Fred Leard, Laurel Palmer-Thompson, Barb Wood
  • Cornwall (visit Elections PEI)
  • Kensington
    • Mayor: Rowan Caseley (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors: Adrien Bernard, Ivan Gallant, Rodney Mann, Coreen Pickering, Jeff Spencer, Wade Toombs
  • Souris
    • Mayor: Dr. Stephen R. O'Brien
    • Councillors: Wanda Bailey, Frankie Chaisson, Joanne Dunphy, Ian MacDonald, Thelma MacDonald, D. Kenneth (Kenny) Peters
  • Stratford (visit Elections PEI)
  • Three Rivers (results posted on Town of Three Rivers website)
    • Mayor: to be elected
    • Councillors ward 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10: to be elected  
    • Councillors ward 2 and ward 9 elected by acclamation
  • Tignish  
    • Mayor: Allan McInnis
    • Councillors: Sam Arsenault, Debbie Fennessey, Lloyd Gavin, John McInnis, Angel Murphy, Judy Richard-Morrissey

Rural Municipalities

  • Crapaud  
    • Mayor: Neila Auld
    • Councillors (elected by acclamation): Sabrina Arthur, Joanne Harvey, Donna Henley, Gary Lippman, Spencer MacKinnon, Arnold Stewart 
  • Eastern Kings
    • Mayor: Grace Cameron
    • Councillors: Arthur Baker, Danelle Elliott, Bradley MacDonald, Bernadette McInnis, Anne McPhee, David Stewart
  • Kinkora
    • Mayor: Tina Harvey (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors: Roy Cook, Damien McAvinn, Andrew McCardle, Andrew McCarville, Colin Montgomery, Janet Needham-Payne
  • Miltonvale Park
    • Mayor: Hal Parker (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors: Tamsyn Cosh-MacKenzie, Andrew Frizzell, Philip Hooper, Spencer MacDonald, Paul Poole, Lindsey Rhynes
  • Miscouche 
    • Mayor: Albert Gallant
    • Councillors: Joan Arsenault, Ivan Blanchard, Jacqueline Lecky, Pat MacLellan, Allan Parks, John Searle
  • Murray Harbour
    • Mayor: Paul White
    • Councillors (elected by acclamation): James Irving, Marlene MacNeil, Deborah Shea, Margaret VanIderstine, Carol White, Glen White
  • North Shore
    • Mayor: Gerard Watts (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors (elected): Peter Vriends (Ward 1), Krista Shaw (Ward 2), Derek Cook (Ward 5)
    • Councillors (elected by acclamation): Wanson Hemphill (Ward 3), Bob Doyle (Ward 4), Nancy MacKinnon (Ward 6)  
  • Northport
    • Mayor: Wendy McNeill (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors: Milton Drummond, Lisa Fraser, Suzanne Matthews, Randy McNeill, Carrie Quinn, Kirk Ramsay
  • Tyne Valley 
    • Mayor: Jeffery Noye  
    • Councillors: Shelly Campbell, Trent MacDougall, Adam MacLennan, Matthew McGuire, Donald Milligan, Erica Wagner
  • Victoria
    • Mayor: Ian W. Dennison (elected by acclamation)
    • Councillors: Marly Anderson, Keith Dewar, Richard LaGrange, Michelle MacCallum, Susan Oxley, Pat Stunden Smith
    • Mayor: Richard Furlong (elected by acclamation) 
    • Councillors: Mark Ashley, Catherine Burt, Darryl Lewis, Barbara Vessey, Gordon Vessey, Michael Vessey

    Election by Acclamation

    These are the municipalities where just enough candidates for council were nominated at the end of the nomination period (or have vacancies).  The nominated candidates have been elected by acclamation.   

    • Rural Municipality of Abram-Village
      • Mayor: Roger Gallant
      • Councillors: Ann Arsenault, Roger Arsenault, Colette Gallant, Paul Gallant, Yolande Gallant, Phil LeBlanc   
    • Rural Municipality of Afton
      • Mayor: Brian Hogan
      • Councillors: Robert Clow, Bruce Lyng, Aaron MacEachern, Mark O'Rourke, Gina Rankin, Elizabeth Wilson 
    • Rural Municipality of Alexandra
      • Mayor: Glen Beaton
      • Councillors: Michele Beaton, Roy Beaton, Paul Gallant, Natalie Murphy, Melody vanOmme, Stephanie Young 
    • Rural Municipality of Annandale-Little Pond-Howe Pond
      • Mayor: Edwin McKie
      • Councillors: Matthew Downe, Bruce Henderson, Erica MacDonald, Michael MacDonald, Nancy MacDonald, Larry Victor
    • Rural Municipality of Bedeque and Area
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of Belfast
      • Mayor: Jill Walsh
      • Councillors: Virginia Cooke, Billy Gamble, Garth Gillis, Andy Henry, Audrey Shillabeer, Joanne Vessey  
    • Rural Municipality of Bonshaw
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of Brackley
      • Mayor: Brendon McKenna
      • Councillors: Ron Collett, Kent Dollar, Cody Good, Don Jardine, David McKenna, Amir Zuccolo 
    • Rural Municipality of Breadalbane
      • Mayor: Margo Dooks
      • Councillors: Cindy Hierlihy, Clara Hupman, Lyle Longuepee, Irene Novaczek, Alex Patterson, David Ross,  
    • Rural Municipality of Central Kings
      • Mayor: Craig Jackson
      • Councillors: Darryl Campbell, Tanya Downe, Paul Jackson, Ruth Laverty, Lora Lee MacKay, Barry MacMaster
    • Rural Municipality of Clyde River
      • Mayor: Hilda Colodey 
      • Councillors: Heather Fleming, Darlene Kneabone,  Ruth Nelson, Julia Purcell, Steven Shoemaker, Carolyn Wood 
    • Rural Municipality of Central Prince
      • Mayor: Rod Millar
      • Councillors: Susan Burleigh, Damien Enman, Ron Macleod, Jonathan Smith, Julie Smith, Rachelle Smith  
    • Rural Municipality of Darlington
      • Mayor elected by acclamation
      • Councillors (2) elected by acclamation, vacancies (4)
    • Rural Municipality of Greenmount-Montrose
      • Mayor: LeRoy Hiltz
      • Councillors: Amy Blanchard-Graham, Dean Getson, Edward Kenny, Jennifer Perry, Alan Warren, Grant Wilkie
    • Rural Municipality of Hampshire
      • Mayor: Gordon Lank
      • Councillors: Norman Clow, Nancy Kelly, David Lank, Lorna MacGregor, Roger Smith, Temple Stewart
    • Rural Municipality of Hazelbrook
      • Mayor: Brian Gallant
      • Councillors: Lisa Donovan, Sebastian Dube, Mathias J.L. Duffy, Katie Matheson,  Margaret Ann Pippy, George Potter, 
    • Rural Municipality of Hunter River
      • Mayor: Terry McGrath 
      • Councillors: Jason Macdonald, Ciaran Mulcahy, Linda Shelvey, Kent Smith, Barb Stewart, Kenneth Stewart  
    • Rural Municipality of Kingston
      • Mayor: Alan Miller
      • Councillors: Keith Boire, Tom Coady, Joe Dolphin, Allan Holmes, Darlene MacDonald, Dwight Thompson,
    • Rural Municipality of Linkletter
      • Mayor: David Buell
      • Councillors: Robert Ashley, Trevor Callbeck, David Clark, William Jones, David Linkletter, Kevin Roddick 
    • Rural Municipality of Lot 11 and Area
      • Mayor: Susan Milligan
      • Councillors: Donna Armstrong Lauren Bailey, Karen Kelly, Lowell Palmer, Sarah Perry, Karen Rank
    • Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay
      • Mayor: Paul Brown 
      • Councillors:  Ghislaine Duplain (elected by acclamation), Herb Clark (appointed by Minister), vacancies (4)
    • Rural Municipality of Meadowbank
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of Miminegash
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of Morell
      • Mayor: David MacAdam
      • Councillors: John Cameron, Marla Drake, Chris Dunn, Garry MacAdam, Marylou Parkman, Heather Sampson
    • Rural Municipality of Mount Stewart
      • Mayor: Maxine Jay-Doucette 
      • Councillors: Kristine Crann, Patricia (Patsy) Doucette, Ralph Dunn, Stacey Denise Evans, Trevor MacDonald, Julie Ann McKay 
    • Rural Municipality of Murray River
      • Mayor: Patricia Bray
      • Councillors: Amanda DeCoste, Sandra Edwards, Karri Ferguson, Marvin MacLeod, Wayne MacLeod, Walter Munn 
    • Rural Municipality of New-Haven Riverdale
      • Mayor: Claus Brodersen
      • Councillors: Luis Bate, Michael Corney, Stephen Gould, Steven Pollard, Sharon Slauenwhite, Willem vanderLeeuw 
    • Rural Municipality of North Wiltshire
      • Mayor elected by acclamation
      • Councillors (5) elected by acclamation, vacancy (1)
    • Rural Municipality of Sherbrooke
      • Mayor: Ron Chappell
      • Councillors: Neil Arsenault, Jenna Gaudet, Anne FitzGerald, Lee MacLeod, Joel Noonan, Darby Steele
    • Rural Municipality of Souris West
      • Mayor: Pat O'Connor
      • Councillors: Leo Flynn, Paul Gallant, Frank McNally, John Outhouse, (two vacancies)
    • Rural Municipality of St. Felix
      • Mayor: Vance Keough
      • Councillors: Melanie Buote, Vernon Gaudette, Leah Kinch, Kelly Murphy, Jody Perry, Murray Perry
    • Rural Municipality of St. Louis
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of St. Nicholas
      • Mayor: Jason Woodbury
      • Councillors: Geraldine Arsenault, Raymond Arsenault, Sharon Gaudet, Shawn Jones, Melanie Mahar, Robert Rhynes 
    • Rural Municipality of St. Peters Bay
      • Mayor: Ron MacInnis
      • Councillors: Brenda Gillis Curran, Cathy MacKinnon, Gerald MacKinnon, Gordon MacLean, Bill Milligan, Jason Sheppard 
    • Rural Municipality of Tignish Shore
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Rural Municipality of Union Road
      • Mayor: Fern Yeo
      • Councillors: Anita Lynn Hopkins, Timothy Scott LeLacheur, Greg MacGillivray, David Neal Pater, Suzanne Pater, Gerald Proctor
    • Rural Municipality of Warren Grove
      • Mayor: Diane Crozier
      • Councillors: Destiny Arsenault, Michel Arsenault, Janet Howes, Lyndon Mayhew, Trevor Sanderson, vacancy (1)
    • Rural Municipality of Wellington
      • Mayor: Alcide Bernard (appointed by Minister)
      • Councillors: Albert Arsenault, Shawn G Bernard, Jeannette Gallant, Irene MacCaull, Moira McGuire, Kelly Richard
    • Rural Municipality of West River
      • Mayor and councillors elected by acclamation 
    • Town of North Rustico
      • Mayor: Anne Kirk
      • Councillors:Patricia Doucette, Janine Doucette, Heather McKenna, Stephanie Moase, Michelle Pineau, 
        Les Standen
    • Town of O’Leary
      • Mayor: Eric Gavin
      • Councillors: Joey Dumville, Valene Gallant, Judy MacIsaac, Darren MacKinnon, Kevin Maynard, Darrel Wood  


    These are unofficial results.  Election results are unofficial until the Municipal Electoral Officer has proclaimed the candidates elected and the period for a judicial review has passed.  All unofficial results are based on information submitted by the municipal election officials.   

    Note: This page is prepared for information purposes only.  The municipalities remain the official holders of election results.  
    Published date: 
    November 14, 2018
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