2018 Special Angling Regulations

Are there any closures for the 2018 angling season?

Little Miminegash River, Hyde Creek (Cornwall) and Campbellton Creek are closed to all angling in 2018 to allow fish stocks to recover following recent fish kills.

Are there any special restrictions for the 2018 season?

Conservation Zone on Trout River (Coleman)

The area restricted to catch and release fishing using single barbless fly will begin on June 1 until September 1.  This includes the section of the Trout River between the Western Road (Rte 2) in Carleton to what is locally known as “Banny’s Hole”.  

Prior to June 1, anglers can fish this zone using bait and can retain a daily limit of 6 trout/day, of which not more than one may be longer than 35 cm).

Are there any 2018 Extended Angling Season Changes?

Please note that the areas open for extended angling on the Dunk River and Wilmot River have been changed.

Dunk River
September 16 - October 15:  Angling will be permitted within Scales Pond and in all waters downstream from the Walls Road in South Freetown

September 16 - November 30:  Angling will be permitted on the main river downstream from the Steel Bridge on Route 110.  

Wilmot River
September 16 - November 30:  Marchbanks Pond and all waters downstream from the pond, including the river between the MacMurdo Road and the Route 2 Bridge 



Published date: 
April 3, 2018
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