Changing the Boundaries or Status of a Municipality

Municipalities are able to submit an application to the Minister of the Department of Communities, Land and Environment to have their boundaries or municipal status changed. Boundary changes include annexations, amalgamations, dissolution, boundary line correction/adjustments, and reductions. Changing a municipality's status means a changing what the municipality is incorporated as (such as a municipality incorporated as a 'community' applying to become a 'town').

It is strongly recommended that a council contemplating making application for significant changes to boundaries or status hold a public meeting to seek comments from residents and property owners regarding the proposal prior to giving consideration to a resolution seeking a boundary or status change for a municipality. Minutes of the public meeting should be kept and submitted with any application.  

Is the process the same for all boundary or status changes?

While the process for most boundary and status changes are similar, the annexation process is more involved. Because of its nature, the process for a municipality to annex land involves a review of the application by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC). IRAC is required to hold a public hearing in the area affected by the annexation and provides a recommendation to the Minister regarding the annexation.

For details on the application requirements, see the documents below:

Who approves a municipality's applications to change their boundary or status?

In all cases, the Lieutenant Governor in Council makes the final decision on whether a municipality's boundary or status change application is approved.

Published date: 
April 6, 2017
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