Forest Enhancement Program (FEP): Forestry Services for Private Forest Land Owners

Do you own woodland on PEI?

If you own woodland on PEI, the Forest Enhancement Program (FEP) can provide you with forestry-related advice and financial assistance. The program has helped thousands of Island woodlot owners manage their woodlands for recreation, forest products, wildlife habitat, forest restoration and health, and many other reasons and values.

Can I get help managing my private forest land?

Yes. The province will provide you with technical advice and financial assistance through the Forest Enhancement Program. In order to participate, you need to:

Once your FEP Forest Management Plan Funding application is approved, you need to have a forest management plan prepared for your woodland. Plans are prepared by private sector forest consultants who will meet with you and prepare a Forest Management Plan tailored to your interests and the potential of your forest lands.

FEP Forest Consultants
Name and Community Education or Background Company and Address Phone Plans to date

Allan Kelly
Souris Line Rd

Forest Technician 1269 Souris Line Rd, 
Souris C0A 2G0

(902) 687-2312
(902) 393-7785


Martinus Rose
Pooles Corner

Forest Technician Marwood Properties
PO Box 30
Georgetown C0A 1L0
(902) 838-3013 40
Gary Schneider
Wood Islands
Macphail Woods Forestry Project   Valley
C0A 1A0
(902) 651-2575
(902) 962-3477

Victor MacLeod

Forest Technician

MurMac Forest Management 
468 Uigg Rd Orwell C0A 2E0

(902) 393-2204 205
Dan Murnaghan
Forest Technician MurMac Forest Management 
Donagh C1A 7J8
(902) 569-1940 68
Robert Crawford
North Wiltshire
Forester (BSc) Better Forest Management
610 Clarkin Rd
N. Wiltshire C0A 1Y0
(902) 675-4405 121
Carey Foster
New Haven
Forest Technician PO Box 1042
Cornwall C0A 1H0
(902) 394-0742 8
Donnie P. Kelly
Forest Technician 706 Suffolk Rd
Dunstaffnage C1C 0P6
(902) 213-8899
(902) 629-1465
Reg Conohan
Forest Technician 108 Launching Rd
PO Box 147
Cardigan C0A 1G0
(902) 326-7072 5
Todd LaFrance
Forester (BSc)   (902) 888-9430 5
Dan Dupont
Forest technician 5825 Campbell Rd
Montague C1A 7N8
(807) 372-0711  























Working on your forest land

Once your plan is approved, you may start to work on the recommended treatments. You can do the work yourself or hire a qualified forest contractor but in either case, the work must be done to the required minimum standard in order to qualify for financial assistance under the FEP.

The forest contractors listed below are registered with the FEP and offer a variety of forest management and harvest treatments to land owners.

FEP Forest Contractors
Name Company Name Address Contact Information
Allan Kelly Allan Kelly Forest Consulting 1269 Souris Line Rd.
Souris C0A 2G0

(902) 393-7785
(902) 687-2312

Vernon Myers Timberview Logging

404 Georgetown Rd
​Georgetown  C0A 1LO

(902) 652-2202
(902) 969-1796

Tim Ryan Ryan Wood Producers RR#3 Montague
C0A 1R0

(902) 838-0334

Colin Arsenault Colin Arsenault 2966 Murray Harbour Rd
Belfast  C0A 1M0
(902 969-6846
Richard Gill Richard Gill Elliotvale
Mt. Stewart RR#5
C0A 1T0

(902) 651-2059
(902) 969-9663

Victor MacLeod or 
Dan Murnaghan

MurMac Forest Management 468 Uigg Rd
Orwell C0A 2E0

(902) 393-2204
(902) 629-0645

Jonathan McKinley Atlantic Yard Services #7 28 Hillsborough St
Charlottetown C1A 4V8
(902) 213-2221
Dan Dupont Dan Dupont

5825 Campbell Rd
Montague C0A 1R0

(807) 372-0711
Robert Crawford Better Forest Management 610 Clarkin Rd
​North Wiltshire  C0A 1Y0

(902) 675-4405
(902) 625-2123

Marcel Arsenault Deva Forestry Box 128
Wellington C0B 2E0

(902) 854-3008

Leonce Arsenault Arsenaults' Sawmill Box 29
Richmond C0B 1L0

(902) 854-3580
(902) 854-2210
(902) 888-7183

Glen Wood Glen Wood Box 12
Coleman C0B 1H0
(902) 859-2811

Funding and support

The province will provide funding up to 70 percent of the estimated cost for many, but not all, recommended treatments. As the property owner you are responsible for the remainder as well as any cost over runs. Funding can be denied for work that does not meet the required standard. 

Other programs and services for Island woodlot owners

Forest Enhancement Program contact information

Scott MacDonald, Forest Enhancement Program Coordinator
Box 2000
183 Upton Rd
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 620-3179
Fax: (902) 368-4713


Information for private sector forest contractors and consultants

Forest contractors and consultants who are interested in providing services to private land clients under the Forest Enhancement Program should consult the Private Sector Forest Contractors and Forest Consultants information page.




Published date: 
August 1, 2016
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