Hunting and Firearms Safety Courses

What do I need to hunt on PEI?

In order to hunt legally on PEI, you must have a valid hunting license and the Wildlife Conservation Fund fee. Most people also require:

  • Firearms Safety Course
  • Hunter Safety Course
  • and/or a Bow Hunting Safety Course.

How do I take a Hunter Education course?

The Hunter Education program has two components.

First, you must successfully complete the online component which can be accessed at Hunter Course. The cost of the Hunter Safety Course is $29.95 payable when you register for the on-line component.

After successfully completing this component, the site will issue a Field Day Voucher to you. This voucher enables you to participate in a field day where you will receive extra training and the instructor will confirm your knowledge and understanding of the online course materials. When you receive your voucher, call (902) 368-4683 or (902) 368 - 5275 to confirm your attendance for the field day.

Upon completion, the student will receive an updated Prince Edward Island Wildlife Card.

What do I need to purchase firearms or ammunition?

In order to legally purchase firearms and ammunition you must have a Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) . You can get you PAL by successfully completing the Firearms Safety Course.

Where can I take the Firearms Safety Course?

In order to take a Firearms Safety course, you must first register at an Access PEI Office and pay the $60 registration fee. Courses are ongoing and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. When space becomes available you will be notified.

Students are required to use the Canadian Firearms Safety Course manual (17.0M).

Can I challenge the firearms course?

No. Under federal legislation everyone seeking to obtain their PAL must take and pass the Firearms Safety Course.

Where can I get my PAL?

Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) information, application forms and licence renewal can be found on the Firearms Licence Services (individuals) site.

Who do I contact if I lost my PAL?

If you lost your PAL or misplaced your completed Firearms Safety exam,  please contact the Firearms Office or call (902) 368-4585.



Published date: 
July 9, 2015
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