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The Municipal Affairs branch oversees and provides assistance to municipalities in areas such as formation, elections, amalgamation, finance, boundary changes, and the adoption of official plans and land use and subdivision bylaws. Below is a variety of resources available for municipalities; many of the resources are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

What is required for a Community's Annual Meeting?

Under the Municipalities Act, all community councils must hold an annual meeting of residents for the purpose of discussing all matters of importance and interest to the community. An amendment has been made to the budget approval provisions (Section 36) in the Municipalities Act that gives community councils the authority to vote on the annual budget of the municipality rather than requiring a vote by residents. The budget approval/adoption process may occur at any time prior to March 31st.

Our Annual Meeting Reference Guide, which has been updated to include the new requirements for the 2017 annual meetings, includes all of the meeting requirements, a sample format for the meeting, a checklist for scheduling and advertising the meeting, a sample agenda, and sample resolutions.

Where would I find information as a new municipal councillor or administrator?

Our Local Government Resource Handbook 3rd Edition (2013) was prepared as a resource for municipal governments. This guide provides an overview of what you may encounter as a municipal councillor or staff member, such as the roles and responsibilities of council and administration, conflict of interest, and public participation. It also provides you with helpful tips for making positive and lasting contributions to your municipality.

We also have additional handbooks that are based on specific topics:

What information do I need to know about municipal structure?

What information do I need to know about municipal governance?

What information do I need to know about municipal finance?

What information do I need to know about municipal planning?

What information do I need to know about municipal elections and vacancies?

For information on Municipal Elections please see our Municipal Elections page.

Where would I find a copy of the Newsletter sent out by Municipal Affairs?

The Municipal Affairs branch updates municipalities on current projects and reminders of upcoming deadlines and events.

Published date: 
June 10, 2016
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