Municipal Government Act

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) received Royal Assent on December 15, 2016. The MGA will come into effect upon proclamation in 2017. View a copy of the Act

Why is change needed?

The current Municipalities Act came into force in 1983 and is based on legislation first drafted in the 1940s. Since the 1980s, the legislation has undergone several major reviews and has been amended on a number of occasions.

Today's municipalities require modern legislation that is consistent with the principles of democracy, good governance and service.

What is changing?

The new Municipal Government Act raises the standards regarding good governance, financial accountability, administration and service delivery while providing municipalities with greater authority, flexibility and discretion.

Key areas of change for municipal governments by topic are listed below. An overview of when many of the changes will take effect is available on our Transitions Timelines page. 

Municipal Structures and Services


Council Composition and Conduct


Finance and Funding

Bylaw Jurisdiction

Powers of the Minister

Offences and Enforcement

General Transitions

What regulations are part of the MGA? 

The MGA will have regulations.  Some regulations will be presented to Lieutenant Governor in Council before the end of the year, while others are being developed.  There will be opportunities for review and feedback of draft regulations. 

Municipal Election Regulations (draft)

  • Regulations that govern the running and conduct of municipal elections.  

Financial Plan Regulations (draft)

  • Regulations regarding municipal financial planning and reporting.  

Procedural Bylaw Regulations (draft)

  • Regulations that outline the minimum content for a municipality’s mandatory procedural bylaw.   

Principles, Standards and Criteria Regulations (draft)

  • Regulations related to municipal restructuring and the creation of new municipalities. 


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September 19, 2017
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