Wastewater Systems Requirements

What is a central wastewater system?

Many PEI homes and businesses are serviced by central sewage collection and/or treatment systems. These are operated either by a municipality or a private entity. Several industrial operations have their own wastewater treatment facilities. The construction, modification, and operation of wastewater collection and treatment systems are regulated by government. 

The goal of any wastewater treatment process is to treat both the liquid and solid material (sludge). The treated liquid (effluent) and treated sludge (biosolids) can then be safely returned to the environment without risk of pollution. 

Do I need approval to construct a central wastewater system?

Yes. A Certificate of Approval is required to construct a central wastewater system. The system also has to be constructed in accordance with the requirements listed in the Atlantic Canada Wastewater Guidelines Manual for Collection, Treatment, and Disposal. 

What effluent standards should my system be meeting?

The department requires minimum effluent quality standards, which can be achieved through secondary treatment with disinfection. In some cases, the department may require the effluent to meet higher standards depending upon the location of the outfall and the existing quality of the receiving water. 

What are the requirements to operate a central wastewater system?

The operation of municipal systems is governed by the Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Operating Regulations.

Under the regulations, operation of a central wastewater system requires the following:

Who can I contact for more information?

Morley Foy, P.Eng (Approvals & Compliance Engineer)
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Published date: 
June 28, 2016