Watershed Management Fund

The watershed management fund provides financial support to community-based watershed groups on Prince Edward Island.

Who may apply for the watershed management fund?

Any community-based watershed group may apply.

What types of projects are eligible?

Funding may be provided for the following:

  • watershed management and planning projects
  • watershed organizational and capacity-building projects 
  • watershed management plan preparation
  • specific measures that address non-point source pollution 
  • erosion and sedimentation control projects 
  • agricultural run-off control projects 
  • wildlife habitat enhancement projects 
  • upland, wetland, riparian, and stream habitat enhancement 
  • projects that support biodiversity
  • projects that promote watershed or habitat education and awareness 
  • research 
  • other related projects 

Do some projects or activities get priority?

Priority will be given to applicants who plan to complete work that will support watershed planning and management. Priority activities might include:

  • adding to watershed group capacity 
  • facilitation and strategic planning
  • preparation of watershed management plans 

How is funding allocated?

Under the new Watershed Management Funding formula, the approved formula will allocate 50 per cent of the funds based on size (or area managed); 25 per cent based on performance, 12.5 per cent based on leveraging (or funds raised from other sources), and 12.5 per cent based on community involvement.

The formula will be reviewed each year and adjusted as needed based on feedback from groups and the PEI Watershed alliance.

  • PEI Watershed Management Fund Distributions 2015-16 and 2016-17

How can I apply?

Note: Due to the new Watershed Management Funding formula, the reporting and application process is undergoing revision. Reporting and application deadlines will remain the same for this year, However there will be new reporting and application templates available by the middle of February 2017.

Please put the following dates on your calendar:

  • 2017 WMF applications due March 31,2017
  • 2016 WMF reports due April 30th, 2017

Updated templates for both reports and applications will be circulated by the middle of February, 2017. 

Is there a deadline for submitting an application?

See above

How long will my application take to be processed?

Funding decisions are usually made in April of each year.

What are the fees?

There is no fee to apply.

Who can I contact for more information?

Ross Bernard
Watershed Coordinator
Access PEI O'Leary
Telephone: (902) 859-8852
Fax: (902) 859-8709
Email: erbernard@gov.pe.ca


Published date: 
June 29, 2015