Internet Plan

Islanders need stable, high speed Internet to access job and education opportunities, grow businesses and connect with public services. Government is making investments to expand and improve Internet service coverage for Islanders across rural Prince Edward Island.

The Province of PEI has signed multiple agreements to improve services for Islanders. Two federal-provincial agreements have been signed with Bell Canada and Xplornet.

Bell Fibre agreement

Bell Canada will provide improved Internet service to 13 areas organized by phone exchange across PEI. Learn more about the details by area. 

Xplornet agreement

Xplornet will provide fixed wireless and fibre to 20,000 civic addresses across PEI. Learn more about Xplornet agreement

PEI Broadband Fund

The Province, through the PEI Broadband Fund is also entering into other agreements with local Internet Service Providers, businesses and communities. Learn more about approved projects.

Note: The PEIBF provides grants of up to 50% of costs for hardware and installation of access solutions that support businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals working from home for a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes and businesses can expect better Internet access?

Over the next two to three years, close to 30,000 households will see improved service levels up to at least 50/10 Mbps (megabits per second).

How is this being funded? 

The PEI Broadband Fund (PEIBF) provides additional finances to help Island communities, businesses and Internet Service Providers improve and expand Internet access. The Province, thru the PEI Broadband Fund, is also entering into other agreements with local Internet Service providers, businesses and communities.


We welcome your feedback and comments about Internet availability to your home or business, progress and investments to your area.



Published date: 
March 26, 2020
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