Internet Plan - Xplornet

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Project Overview

Xplornet will upgrade and expand the existing broadband network to reach underserved communities in Prince Edward Island. Xplornet will provide fixed wireless coverage to 17,000 civic addresses across Prince Edward Island and Fibre-to-the-premise coverage to over 3,000 civic addresses. Xplornet will build out a rural broadband network that will provide 50/10 Mbps Internet speeds to rural homes. Upon the completion of the projects, accessible speeds will be 100/10 Mbps. The project is expected to be complete by September 2023.

Fixed Wireless

Xplornet’s project includes the construction of 8 new macro towers in addition to upgrades to its existing fixed wireless tower sites. The construction of these 8 new towers is now complete and offering LTE service in the following areas:

  • Borden-Carleton
  • Cornwall
  • Georgetown
  • Urbainville
  • Summerside
  • Ellersllie
  • Irishtown
  • Belfast

Across Prince Edward Island, 37 mini macro towers will be installed to enhance signal and service availability.

Tower Locations

Broadband Tower locations map

Island Coverage

Island coverage broadband map

Coverage by County

Prince County Queens County Kings County
Prince County broadband map Queens county broadband map King County Broadband Map


Fibre-to-the-premise services launched for residents in the Vernon Bridge area. For information on service availability at your premise, enter your address at

Fibre construction is broken down into 12 sections, not all cross sections include Fibre-to-the-premise. As of May 2022,:

  • 1 section has launched Fibre-to-the-premise service
  • 3 sections are installing fibre
  • 5 sections are completing preparations for fibre installation
  • 3 sections are finalizing applicable permits and approvals

Two contractors are working on the design and build of the fibre.

xplornet cross sections

Fibre-to-the-premise coverage maps and schedule:

  • Kings County North East; Schedule: June, 2023 View
  • Kings County North West; Schedule: September, 2023 View
  • Kings County South; Schedule: December, 2022 View
  • Prince County East; Schedule: December, 2022 Prince East Map
  • Prince County West; Schedule: Phase 1 – December, 2022, Phase 2 – March, 2023 View
  • Queens County East; Schedule: Phase 1 Complete- April 2022, Phase 2 – September, 2022 View
  • Queens County West; Schedule: March, 2023 View

*Fibre-to-the-premise maps coming soon.


Published date: 
June 13, 2022
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