PEI Broadband Fund Projects

The Prince Edward Island Broadband Fund provides a contribution of up to 50 per cent of the eligible costs for the installation of an approved infrastructure project for enhanced broadband services. The objective of the fund is to work with Internet Service Providers (ISP), businesses and communities to provide solutions for better Internet access in the province, with a focus on rural PEI.

Residential Pilot Approved Applications: 591


Approved Projects

PEIBF Contribution
Total Project Cost Deliverable Fund Stream
Air Tech Communications $37,700 $75,400 Improved Internet service and coverage in the Richmond, Southwest Lot 16 and Grand River area. The project will deliver improved back-haul capacity, and greater reach. Existing and new subscribers will benefit from this project. Internet Service Provider
Air Tech Communications $150,000 $216,325 Install fibre to three key towers and residential/commercial sites along the paths in the Richmond, Grand River, Sunny Side, Arlington, and Birch Hill areas to approx. 350 subscribers. Accelerated ISP
$15,029 Install Bell fibre services to meet immediate and future needs of the company from its location at 341 Georgetown Road, Route 3. Business

Island Telecom Services Inc.

$32,120.40 $64,240.80 Upgrade Internet service and coverage in the Long River area, including improved back-haul capacity to the Darnley and Toronto areas and remedial work to the tower at the Long River site. New subscribers will benefit from this project. Internet Service Provider
Island Telecom Services Inc. $150,000 $344,026 Upgrade and supplement a number of mast and pole sites to approx. 250 subscribers in the Chelton, Fernwood, Lower Bedeque, Augustine Cove and Victoria area. Accelerated ISP Pilot
Granville Ridge Consulting  $7,632.94 $15,265.88 Purchase and Install a tower to provide fixed wireless service. Business
H6 PEI Investments $462.50



Undertake a wireless point-to-Undertake a wireless point-to-point feed for H6 to improve service to the remote end location at 2466 Trout River Road.

BCD Automation  $2,747.75 $5,495.50 Purchase and install a 50 foot tower for the wireless broadband high-speed internet. Business
PEI Monitoring $150,000 $180,259 Upgrade equipment on existing towers to provide service to residents in the Wood Islands, Pinette, and Southern Kings area. Accelerated ISP Pilot
NSEW Connect $150,000 $179,850 Install three new towers to serve approx. 400 subscribers in the Hope River/Springton area. Accelerated ISP Pilot
Red Sands $150,000  $174,462 Install/replace two towers at Toronto Road and Springbrook to offer upgraded and expanded service to approx. 250 subscribers.  Accelerated ISP Pilot
Wicked EH? $114,859 $154,005 Upgrade current equipment and materials on Charlottetown and Summerville towers to offer enhanced service to approx. 400 subscribers. Accelerated ISP Pilot
Buzz Network $39,816 $46,240 Provide wireless service to residents in the Lot 16, Wellington, Abrams Village, Cape Edgmont and Mt.Carmel area. Accelerated ISP Pilot
Twin Shores $38,873.16 $77,746.32 Install a fibre feed to Twin Shores Campground. Business
Carruthers Farm



P2P wireless technology to provide high speed internet to the main property and to bridge the internet connections to the other business buildings. Business
Clyde River (Dunedin Estates) $15,000 $30,000 Extend fibre to Alexander Drive and MacNeil Avenue and cover an additional 13 homes. Community
Island Telecom Union Rd $42,262.50 $84,525.00 Install underground fibre in the Union Road area between Brackley Point Road and Horne Cross Road.

Internet Service Provider

St. Peters Campground $5,500 $11,000.00 The project is to upgrade the Upgrade the internet feed into the St. Peters Campground.  This campground is operated by the Rural Municipality of St. Peters and has 85 full service sites and 10 tent sites. Community
Fortune Community Centre $66,825 $133,650 Extend fibre to cover 40 homes in the Fortune area. Community
Monaghan Farms $2,150 $4,300 Support a point to point connection to extend the current internet feed from the seed facility, over to the office building. Business
Published date: 
October 15, 2020
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