Provincial Heritage Fair

Since 1997, PEI students have participated in the Heritage Fair program with an annual participation of close to 30 schools and 1,700 students. Approximately 170 students move on to represent their schools at the Provincial Heritage Fair each May. Several students are selected each year to participate in Canada’s History’s national Young Citizens video contest.


The PEI Heritage Fair program is a student-centered, inquiry-based learning opportunity that allows Grades 5 - 9 students to explore a Prince Edward Island or Canadian history topic that interests them. Through guided inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to think critically about history and its implications, acquire a sound understanding of the discipline, and become more engaged in doing history. The Grade 5 study of past societies and the Grade 6 focus on Island History lend well to be tied in with Heritage Fair. Heritage Fair also has direct ties to Grade 7 and 8 social studies curriculum and the study of Canadian History. Students develop their Heritage Fair projects in the classroom and create a written report, visual display and an oral presentation. 

How do I register my school to participate in the Heritage Fair?

Submit a completed Provincial Heritage Fair School Registration Form before the December deadline.


Where can I find a list of past Heritage Fair winners?

View the news release for the 2019 Heritage Fair as well as photos of the closing ceremonies.

View the list of awards presented during the 2019 Heritage Fair closing ceremonies

Where can I find a list of past Special Prizes awarded?

View a list of the 2019 Special Prizes awarded

Who do I contact about the Provincial Heritage Fair?

Provincial Heritage Fair Coordinator
3rd floor Shaw Building
95-105 Rochford Street
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-5940
Fax: (902) 894-0342 fax
Email: or


Published date: 
November 28, 2022