Autism Services for Children and Youth

Autism services are offered to preschool and school-age children and youth in Prince Edward Island. Early Years Autism Specialists provide services to young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders before entering school. An integrated approach between professionals and the school boards ensures a smooth transition into the school system, where support continues with school-based Autism Consultants.

Supports for preschool children with autism spectrum disorder

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (I.B.I.)

I.B.I. uses evidence-based teaching techniques to create positive learning opportunities for your child. Early Years Autism Specialists work with families to choose learning goals. Intervention takes place within the child’s natural daily routines and environments, to the extent that it is appropriate for each individual child. Your child may receive between 20 and 25 hours of I.B.I. each week at home or in your child’s early childhood centre.  

You or your child’s centre hires the Autism Assistant to provide direct support and instruction. An Early Years Autism Specialist will supervise and monitor your child’s program with additional clinical supervision by the Early Years Autism Manager. 

How do I know if the I.B.I. program is right for my child?

I.B.I. uses teaching techniques based in the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and uses the child’s natural motivators in order to create fun and successful learning opportunities. The primary assessment used to guide programming is the Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (V.B.-M.A.P.P.). A variety of evidence-based methods are used to guide teaching, including (but not limited to) play-based learning, assent-based learning, Analysis of Verbal Behaviour, and Natural Environment Teaching. The I.B.I. program values the inclusion and acceptance of diverse learners.

What happens when my child enters school?

Planning begins eight months before your child enters school to ease the transition from the preschool to the school environment. Family information meetings, case conferences, and assessment and orientation activities for your child all contribute to the transition process. A school-based Autism Consultant will continue to monitor and assist your child's teacher during your child's school years.

What if my child needs more support in kindergarten?

Your child may need more individualized learning opportunities during this important first year of school. If this is the case, an Early Years Autism Specialist can provide regular support for both your child and the school staff.  This Intensive Kindergarten Support (I.K.S.) includes regular consult visits to assist your child’s teacher in individual programming, modifying curriculum, helping to address behavioural challenges, and participating in individual education plan (I.E.P.) development.   Your child will continue to receive support and assistance from a school-based Autism Consultant in Grades 1 to 12, based on your child's assessed needs.

Autism funding support

Once a child is enrolled in the Early Years Autism Service, parents and licensed early childhood centres can access preschool autism funding to hire an Autism Assistant for children receiving I.B.I. support. Parents of school-aged children  can access school-age autism funding through AccessAbility Supports to offset the costs of hiring one-on-one tutors and aides in home and group settings.

Who can I contact for more information?

Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Education and Early Years
Early Years Division
Aubin Arsenault Building
3 Brighton Rd.
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T6
Tel: (902) 368-4472
Fax: (902) 368-4622

Published date: 
August 29, 2023