Early Childhood Literacy: Born to Read

Born to Read is an early childhood literacy program that promotes the joy of reading to babies and toddlers.

How do parents get the free books?

Parents of newborns on Prince Edward Island are given a free Born to Read package during your regular wellness visit with Public Health Nursing when your child is two months old.

You will receive a children’s board book published in Atlantic Canada. Inside the package, you will also find your baby’s first library card along with information about resources and programs for babies at PEI public libraries.

Books are carefully chosen based on children's age and stage.

Why do babies need books?

Reading aloud to your baby or child, at any age, is a chance to play, have fun, talk, sing and laugh together. The simple act of reading together has a positive impact on a baby's brain development. From birth, babies are natural learners. Their curious minds absorb more between the ages of two months and four years than at any other time in their lives.

How often should I read to my baby?

Reading books each day helps your child learn that learning from books is as routine as other daily family activities like feeding, sleeping and having a bath. It takes only 15 minutes most days to establish a pattern.

Just fifteen minutes every day
Helps your baby learn the way
To read the pictures, point and tell,
And in time, chant the words as well.

So grab a book and baby too.
Enjoy, enjoy the two of you!

- Source: Born to Read NB

Are books chosen for Born to Read available in different languages?

Yes, books are available in English and French. Please ask for your language of choice during your Public Health Nursing visit.

How is the program supported?

Books for the Born to Read program are funded by Public Health Nursing and the Public Library Service.

For more information, contact:

Public Health Nursing Program Lead
(902) 438-4065
Email: kjellis@ihis.org

Provincial Library Service - Youth Services Librarian
(902) 368-4649
Email: rgauthier@gov.pe.ca


Published date: 
August 31, 2022
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