Early Years Centre Expansion Capital Grant

The Early Years Centre Expansion Capital Grant is a one-time only grant to support creation of new licensed early learning and child care spaces within new or existing infrastructure where there is a demonstrated need and where growth would include new infant and/or toddler aged children.  Applications will be considered through a competitive intake process.

A maximum of $200,000 is available to support expansion which could include new construction, renovations and/or purchase of equipment for eligible projects.   

Who is Eligible for the Grant?

Designated Early Years Centres are eligible to apply for the Early Years Centre Expansion Capital Grant   

What are the Requirements for the Grant?

  • The applicant must be in compliance with all EYC criteria and funding agreement requirements, including at 90% enrollment capacity or greater.
  • The applicant must NOT be approved for the PEI Early Years Centre Low Interest Loan Pilot Program
  • The applicant must have the authority to undertake the proposed project/building improvements.
  • The applicant must create infant and toddler spaces as part of their project.
  • The applicant must utilize the Early Learning and Child Care Registry to fill the new spaces.
  • The project facility must be committed to child care for at least 5 years.
  • The applicant must provide three quotes for proposed renovations and approvals, and quotes for proposed new items required.

How will my Application be Evaluated? 

Applications will be evaluated based on merit, sustainability and suitability using an Early Years Centre Expansion Capital Grant Rating Form. Scoring will involve a weighted score that will consider program delivery priorities such as number of infant and toddler spaces, location, and cost efficiency. Projects must score at least 75% on the rating form to be eligible for the grant.

Program may be subject to change at any time and not all applications meeting the minimum assistance criteria outlined will receive funding.

What do I need to Submit? 

Applicants must complete the application form and submit the following to the Department of Education and Early Years:

  • Letter of approval from the company the centre is leasing space from (if applicable)
  • Three quotes for proposed renovations and/or budget estimates for proposed new items
  • Document indicating zoning approval 
  • Copy of a building permit
  • Comfort letter from the Canada Revenue Agency that indicates good standing
  • Current program and staff policies, including an open door policy that creates a welcoming environment for parents during all operational hours.        

Is there a Deadline to Apply?

Applications will be reviewed beginning on June 18th, 2024. Additional applications will be considered following this date if funding is still available.    

How do I Apply?

Completed forms may be dropped, mailed, emailed or faxed to:

Early Years Centre Expansion Capital Grant
c/o Yvette Winchester
Department of Education and Early Years
250 Water St., Suite 101.  Summerside, PEI C1N 1B6
Email: ymwinchester@gov.pe.ca
Fax: 902 438-4874

Who do I contact with questions or for additional support?

Contact the Manager of Grants Lisa Bernard at lcbernard@gov.pe.ca or by phone at 902-438-4843.

Published date: 
April 9, 2024
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