Gender and Diversity Analysis

Policy creation is an intricate process with a multitude of layers and considerations. This purpose of this guide is to assist public servants in their efforts to incorporate a gender and diversity lens on a deliberate, consistent basis. Systematic attention to gender and diversity increases the quality of policy and program design.

People are at the center of all government initiatives. As such, our legislation, policies, programs, and services must be designed with the diverse population we serve in mind. This requires a responsive approach to policy and program development that considers the unique needs of diverse groups and communities. 


Government policy makers and community leaders are being encouraged to consider gender and other diversities when creating programs and policies to ensure the differences and needs of our Island population are accommodated and clients are better served.  

Gender and Diversity Analysis is a training manual to assist researchers, planners and product developers to take into account cultural, social, economic and other differences among people which can help improve the results of their work. The manual introduces the concept of sex, gender, and diversity and provides a gender and diversity checklist.



Published date: 
May 16, 2023
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