Statistical Reviews for Women in Prince Edward Island

Women in PEI: A Statistical Review is a statistical snapshot of the female population in PEI. This document provides sex-disaggregated data related to education, work and income, health, justice, violence against women and women in leadership. It includes jurisdictional comparisons within the Atlantic region and across Canada to highlight women's experiences in PEI as they compare to women's experiences elsewhere.

It is a valuable resource for policy and program analysts across government and in the broader community. It is intended to be updated every five years.  

First edition: Women in PEI: A Statistical Review 1996

Second edition:  Women in PEI: A Statistical Review 2010

Third edition:  Women in PEI: A Statistical Review 2015

Fourth edition: Women in PEI: A Statistical Review 2020




Published date: 
May 28, 2021