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Vision: Supporting Island children and their families to be the best they can be.
Mission: To empower strength, resilience and well-being in Island school-aged children and their families.

Student Well-being Teams logoStudent well-being teams work in all Island public schools advising, consulting and providing direct service to children and youth who are struggling with mental, social and physical health issues.

When professionals are located in schools, children have early access to supports to help them succeed in school and throughout life. Reducing barriers like transportation brings services to students to support their well-being.

Guiding Principles: Student-centred ~ Easy Access ~ Early Intervention ~ Collaboration

How can I access my school's team?

The teams work in all schools. You can approach a team member, teacher, principal, school counsellor, staff member or refer yourself.

Other groups connected to the student can also refer.

Need to make a referral to your Student Well-being Team?

Click on the link below.

How do I learn more about each team?

Click on a family of schools to learn more about each Student Well-being Team.

Who is on the teams?

Teams include trained professionals who have experience working with children and youth. They include:

  • Student Well-being Social Workers
  • Student Well-being Registered Nurses
  • Student Well-being Outreach Workers
  • Student Well-being Family Support Workers

We are closely connected to the Public School Branch Student Services Department and the La Commission scolaire de langue française.

What services do the teams provide?

The teams help students build strength in the areas of mental, social and physical health through a class or school-wide focus with concerns such as anxiety, sleep, exercise, food, screen time, family and relationships.

Teams offer support in key areas, such as self-regulation, anxiety, depression, social skills and parental support.

Teams also work closely with students and the school community to help create healthy school cultures.

Student Profile for Referrals

What can students expect?

Teams are student-centred. When a student meets with a team member, the student can expect to be listened to and understood.

Team members help support students with what they are going through and provide them with tools to deal with life’s challenges.

Student Journey Pathway

What are the roles of team members?

The Student Well-being Social Worker (Team Lead) provides clinical supervision to team members and delivers support to students and their families.

Larger families of schools like Bluefield, Charlottetown Rural, Colonel Gray, and Three Oaks have two Student Well-being Social Workers. One is the team lead and the other Social Worker focuses solely on delivering support to students and families.

Student Well-being Outreach Workers help students at school, in the community, and at home to address things such as behavioural problems, addictions, relationship issues and other challenges.

Student Well-being Registered Nurses supports students and families in need, including well-being activities aimed at early intervention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. They also act as a point of contact between home, school and other health providers.

Family Support Workers provide support and skill building that promotes positive parenting. They do this through delivering presentations to promote well-being as well as providing group and individual service to families. In addition, our Family Support Workers establish relationships with students, families, and stakeholders to collaborate and support the well-being needs of families.  

Who is eligible for services?

Services are available to school-aged children and their families within the school family, particularly those who require additional supports and services to reach their full potential.

Where is support provided?

Teams are agile and mobile. They can support students and their families in schools, in the community, and in the home.

Are services only available during the school year?

The teams work year-round, supporting students and their families during the school year and the summer months.

General Inquiries

Student Well-being Program

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Students Well-being Teams are a collaborative government program between Education, Health and Justice.


Published date: 
April 25, 2024