Alternate Hours Demonstration Site Grants

The purpose of the “Alternate Hours Demonstration Site” Grant is to assist Licensed Early Childhood Centres (including Early Years Centres, Preschool Centres and Family Home Centres) to extend their hours of operation to improve access to early learning and childcare programming for children whose parents work non-standard hours and / or seasonally and to assess various approaches to alternate hours programming to inform future planning and programming.

Who is eligible?

Licensed Early Childhood Centres (including Early Years Centres, Preschool Centres and Family Home Centres) are eligible for this program.  

What is covered through this grant?

The Grant will cover wages and wage related costs to a maximum of the rate paid at the ECE 3 level under the “Hourly Wage Grid” for Early Years Centres, as well as payment for additional meals provided by the Centre to extend hours of operation. 

What are Alternate Hours?

Alternate hours funded under this grant are in addition to the hours of operation approved under the Centre’s current license.  At this time, Centres may apply to extend their licensed hours of operation to any times between 5:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sunday to Saturday weekly.

What are the obligations of participating Centres?

Participating Centres will develop and confirm policies, programs, fee structures, staffing models, and meal menus for their alternate hours programming and will participate in evaluation of the “Alternate Hours Program”.

How do I apply?

Submit the completed application form in-person, or by mail, email, or fax to:

Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
25 Water St, Suite 101, Summerside, PE  C1N 1B6
ATTN: Yvette Winchester

Fax: 902-438-4874
Phone: 902-438-4854

Questions? Contact Alicia Arsenault at or by phone at 902-213-4764

What is the deadline?

Interested Centers may submit applications for this grant at any time until February 28, 2019. Applications will be reviewed immediately upon receipt.  

More Question & Answers

Q: It appears that there may be an interest among parents in my Centre and or community to participate in an “Alternate Hours” service at my Centre.   What happens if this service is not filled or sufficiently utilized to justify continuation?

A: As with many changes, it may take some time before there is full uptake for a new service or approach.  Funding under this program will assist licensed centres to develop and evaluate alternate hours programming options at their centre for families involved in shift work or seasonal employment in their community.  There will be an evaluation component for this program to help identify approaches that work and support shared learning for the sector.  Over time, a sustainable level of program demand will need to be realized to support continuation of alternate hours programming.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of “Alternate Hours” programming time required?

A:There is not set minimum.  It will be up to individual Centres to determine the best approach for their Centre in light of family and community needs.

Q: How much extra work will be required to participate in program evaluation?

A: Centre management and staff may be invited to participate in various evaluation activities to assess how the program is working, to identify opportunities for quality improvement, and to share learnings.  This may include providing some basic administrative information and participating in a small number of surveys and or focus groups. 

Published date: 
September 7, 2018
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