Apply for an Academic Teacher's License Qualification Level Upgrade

Teachers should apply to the Registrar for pre-approval of their intended course of study if they are planning to apply their coursework towards an upgrade in certification using the pre-approval of coursework for certification upgrade application.

Once you are ready to have your credentials evaluated by the Registrar in order to qualify for a higher certification level, you must complete the upgrade application form.  If your credentials have been evaluated by the Registrar and you qualify for a higher level of certification, you shall be entitled to the resulting pay increase retroactive to the date when all required documentation was submitted to the Registrar.

All documents submitted to the Registrar become the property of the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. You are advised to make copies of documents before submitting them.

What do I need to apply for an academic certificate level upgrade?

Please include the following items with your completed application form:

  • Official transcript mailed directly to the Registrar from each institution attended
  • Proof of completion of a degree program (masters or doctoral) when applying for an academic certificate level 6 or 7
  • $50 fee

Is there a fee to process my credentials?

There is a $50 fee to evaluate credentials.

You can pay fees by cheque or money order, payable to the Minister of Finance, in cash at the Office of the Registrar, or by credit card over the phone, email or fax by using a payment form. Fees are non-refundable unless the application is withdrawn and in the event that no staff time has been invested in processing the application.

What is the status of my application?

You may email the Registrar to request an update on the status of your application.

Please include Application Status Update Request in the subject line and your full name and the nature of your application in the body.


Published date: 
September 23, 2019
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