District Advisory Councils

The Family of Schools District Advisory Councils (D.A.C.s) are mandated to help shape an education system that is focused on and meets the needs of learners, by advising the minister on education matters.

District Advisory Councils Role

  • advise the minister on education issues
  • identify education priorities within their own district
  • engage school communities in discussions
  • foster collaboration among school councils, home and school associations and the community

“Youth have a unique perspective and important things to say. They are highly capable of making a valuable contribution to education governance. The voice of youth needs to be heard on an ongoing basis. Students are the reason the system exists.” - Charting the way, P.E.I. Education Governance Commission (2012)

The councils will consider a balance between local issues brought forward by council members and topics that the minister is seeking advice on. For example:

  • Student attendance
  • Length and time of school day
  • Rezoning
  • Learner supports
  • Technology in learning
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Student transitions from primary to secondary levels

District Advisory Councils Membership

  • One parent from each school council/home and school association in the family of schools
  • Two students from high schools within the family of schools
  • A regional director of the P.E.I. Home and school Federation for the family of schools
Family of Schools Enrolment
District Advisory Councils are based on existing families of schools
Bluefield 3,017
Charlottetown  6,974
Three Oaks 3,054
Kensington / Kinkora 680 / 445
Montague 1,863
Morell / Souris 554 / 587
Westisle 2,143

Meeting Format

Representatives are encouraged to bring any information forward to the council meetings that may be of interest to other parents and students.

The meetings are open and broad discussions on issues, concerns, celebrations and wonderings about education in our province.

At the end of the meeting, representatives are encouraged to go back to their school community and gather information on the priorities for their school and areas that might be discussed at our next meeting.

Transparency and accountability

Key themes from council meetings and reports will be posted in the RESOURCES section of this site by family of schools. (Please note: This is not a comprehensive record. A summary of discussion is provided to each D.A.C. for consideration before posting online.)


Published date: 
February 6, 2017