Frequently Asked Questions about the PEI International Student Program (PEIISP)

When should I arrive in PEI?

Students should arrive to Prince Edward Island at least one week before the first instructional day of school. The first day of school can be found on the Public Schools Branch website for both the first and second semester. If you know your flight information to PEI, please send it along to the PEIISP.

How do I know what school I will be attending?

School placement is based on the address where the student is going to live on PEI. Proof of address is required before the student is enrolled in a school.

How is grade placement determined?

Grade placement is generally determined by age. Final placement is determined by the PEIISP office. To use the table, find the year you were born to determine the corresponding grade level.

This table is based on the 2020-2021 academic school year.

Grade Year of birth
K 2015
1 2014
2 2013
3 2012
4 2011
5 2010
6 2009
7 2008
8 2007
9 2006
10 2005
11 2004
12 2003

If I am currently in Grade 11 in my country, can I come to PEI and do one year of Grade 12 and then go to university?

This will depend on your English proficiency and the university prerequisites you require. It is not guaranteed you will be ready for university in one year.   

How long does it take before a letter of acceptance is issued?

Every effort is made to process each application as quickly as possible. However, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks once the complete application form, all required documentation and fee payments have been received. 

Do any of your schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme?

Currently, we have two high schools that offer the IB Programme: Colonel Gray High School and Charlottetown Rural High School.  

What are the graduation requirements?

Students must meet all graduation requirements to graduate.

Is there an age limit for students to remain in the PEIISP?

Students cannot stay in the high school program after the end of the school year in which they turn 20. 

I need/want to take certain high school courses. Can you guarantee that I will be able to take these courses?

Schools on PEI follow a common provincial curriculum. Schools offer a similar program so students are able to meet graduation requirements, however, there may be some variety in the elective course schools offer. Schools make every effort to match the student’s requests and educational needs with the course offerings at the school, however, there are no guarantees. The wide variety of courses will undoubtedly prove to be sufficient and enriching for our international students.  

Is an international student required to have Medical Insurance?

It is mandatory all international students to have medical insurance from an approved provider (e.g., Guard Me or Blue Cross). You will need to provide proof of your medical insurance when you come to our office for your intake meeting, and each year thereafter. 

What is included in the tuition fee?

The tuition covers transportation, textbooks, and instruction. Many clubs, sports, school events, and field trips are also covered by tuition. There may be additional fees for some specialized courses, clubs, field trips, etc. Also, you will need to provide your own school supplies (e.g., paper, binders, and pens). Some schools charge a fee and in return provide the school supplies that will be needed.  

I want my child to attend one of the best schools. Can you give me the name of an excellent high school on PEI?

All high schools in the Province of PEI follow the mandated provincial curriculum under which the expectations and teaching components are clearly defined. Compulsory courses in Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English are offered at each grade level. While every school teaches the same curriculum and is accountable to the same standards, some schools may offer different elective courses depending on their school population. These elective courses comprise arts, technology, humanities and social science courses. Every high school on PEI has seen students graduate from Grade 12 and go to world ranked universities. We do not rank our schools and school registration is based on the zone in which your child will live while on PEI.  

How many schools are on PEI and what is the student population?

The Public Schools Branch and La Commission scolaire de langue francaise operate 62 schools from kindergarten to Grade 12 on PEI with a total school population of approximately 20,000.

Published date: 
September 19, 2019
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