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The Prince Edward Island International Student Program (PEIISP), a Department of Education and Lifelong Learning Program, is designed to support students who choose to study abroad in PEI ( Each year, we welcome students from around the world to live and study in PEI and the homestay program is the cornerstone. Welcome an international student and be part of an extraordinary experience for your family, your community and the student. The bonds created between host families and visiting students last a lifetime.

The PEIISP works with Study Abroad Canada (SAC) to place students with excellent host families across Prince Edward Island to make a tremendous difference in the lives of international students. Host families can grow their understanding of different cultures, make life-long friends, share their home and community, contribute to their local economy, and receive a generous allowance to support expenses. They help students create lasting relationships with families and friends by ensuring they feel safe and secure in welcoming homes and by allowing them to have the life-changing experiences they have been dreaming of.

Do you like experiencing international cultures, making global friendships and building an intercultural mindset? We are seeking enthusiastic, outgoing families who are interested in welcoming international students into their family life. Host families receive $850 / 4 weeks in exchange for providing their student with a private room with a space to study (desk), 3 daily meals, and care, like a member of their family. There are a wide variety of hosting situations available year-round. You can choose from one semester or full academic year placements for students in grade 7-12.

Please contact for information on the program.

How to become a host family?

Arranged Homestay

The process for admitting host families into the homestay program is a rigorous one.

All families:

  • have had a thorough interview to determine suitability;
  • have had a homestay inspection;
  • have had references checked;
  • passed a police record check;
  • are enthusiastic to receive international students

Once the student is placed in the home, supervision and support are provided by SACLI staff throughout the program.

For students requesting homestay placement, visit SACLI’s website at

Students attending elementary school (K-6) must live with a parent. No other custodianship is required, unless requested by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

For more information on custodianship, please refer to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Private Homestay

If you are arranging homestay privately for your child, you accept all risks and responsibilities for these arrangements.

Whether you are making the arrangements directly or working through a placement agency, we strongly suggest you ask yourself the following questions before agreeing to have your child live in that home:

  • How are you determining the suitability of the home for your child? Have you communicated with the host(s)? Have you seen photos of the home? Do you have a local friend or family member that could go to the home, meet the family, and have a tour including the student’s bedroom? 
  • If working through a company, what is their process for adding host families to their list of available homes? Have they inspected the home? Have they thoroughly interviewed all members of the home? 
  • Do all members of the home who are over 18 years of age have a valid criminal record check and vulnerable sector check through the Prince Edward Island Police Association? 
  • Is the home clean and safe? Will your child have their own bedroom with study area and closet? 
  • Do you know who else will be living in the home at the time your child will be studying in Prince Edward Island? Do they host other international students? Do they have experience hosting international students? 
  • Do they have pets? If so, do you know the details? 
  • Has the family agreed to offer three nutritious meals per day plus all snacks? 
  • Do you understand that every address in PEI has a designated school and your child must attend the school designated for the home address you are arranging? 
  • Do you understand that if your child moves outside of the school’s boundaries during the school year, he/she can finish the school year at that school and then will be required to move to the designated school for the start of the next school year? 
  • If working with a placement company, will they support you to find another home if the arrangements do not work out for whatever reason? 
  • If you entered into a direct placement arrangement, what is your alternate plan if your child needs to move?
  • Does the host family understand the expectations for hosting a minor child? Whether they are taking custodianship of your child or you have another custodian, there are strict guidelines in place for all host families.

What are the private homestay requirements?

Hosts shall:

  • be 25 years of age or older. 
  • be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. 
  • be a full-time resident in Prince Edward Island.
  • ensure that the school and the Prince Edward Island International Student Program  (PEIISP) have current custodian's contact information on record (i.e., address, phone number, e-mail, cell number, English speaking contact). 
  • be easily accessible at all times. 
  • be in contact with parents in times of emergency. 
  • understand that you are acting as the student’s parent(s) and have discussed expectations with the biological parents regarding homework, behavior, free time, curfews and anything else to do with the smooth operation within your home. 
  • sign papers and permission forms from the school. 
  • attend disciplinary meetings called by the school administration (suspensions) if required. 
  • attend parent/teacher interviews regarding the student’s progress, concerns, and educational planning for the student. 
  • provide support and encouragement for the student by attending performances, displays, etc. 
  • provide the school with a notice in writing if the custodian will be absent from the city, detailing length of absence and the alternate custodian arrangements that have been made (including full contact information). 
  • be willing to be a liaison between the school and the parent. 
  • assist in setting up initial appointments for assessment and registration at the school (elementary and junior high) and attend those appointments with the student. 
  • take an active role in supporting the student. 
  • be accountable for making alternate arrangements (in discussion with the biological parents) in the case where the current custodian is no longer able to continue with custodianship for any reason. The PEIISP is not responsible for arranging alternate care of the student.

How can I become a host family?

The Prince Edward Island International Student Program works with Study Abroad Canada (SACLI) to place students with excellent host families in Prince Edward Island.  We are seeking enthusiastic, outgoing families who are interested in welcoming international students into their family life. We would like to talk to you if:

  • you have an extra bedroom;
  • you have a clean police record (everyone over 16 in the house);
  • you have time for a new member of your “family” (eg., are home for dinner and have free weekends);
  • English is the primary language spoken in your home.

There are a wide variety of hosting situations available year-round. You can choose from one semester or full academic year placements for students in grade 7-12.

If you are interested, please contact SACLI:

Phone: 902-628-2379


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Published date: 
January 24, 2023
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