Official Language Study Fellowship

You may be awarded up to $2000 to study French at a post-secondary school in Canada, including the French Education Bachelor Program at UPEI. Applications for the Heritage Canada Official Languages Study Fellowship are accepted until mid May.

Am I eligible to apply for Official Languages Study Fellowship funding?

You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and permanent PEI resident enrolled full time:

  • At a Canadian French language post-secondary institution or in the French Education Bachelor Program at UPEI; and
  • In a program of study which has minimum 80 per cent French instruction component. 

What do I need to apply for this funding?

Submit a completed application to the department with copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate or passport;
  • Social Insurance Number (this is a taxable award);
  • Proof of post-secondary enrolment (letter of acceptance)
  • Official Language Study Fellowship Application Form 

Please note: Grade 12 students must return their completed application package to their school counsellor prior to the stated deadline.

Successful applicants will be notified in June.

What is the value of the award?

The value of the award shall be a minimum of $1000 up to a maximum of $2000.  This is a one-time award.

How are funds issued?

The award will be released in two instalments (one each semester). Payments are issued directly to the student through direct deposit. You will receive the necessary banking forms with your acceptance letter.

Please note: Confirmation of Registration for each semester must be completed by the Registrar and returned to the Department in September and January before each payment will be issued.

Please return the completed form no later than the deadline to:

Cécile Arsenault
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
Holman Center 250, Water Street, Suite 101
Summerside, PE C1N 1B6 

Published date: 
March 19, 2019
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