PEI Teacher's Certificate Levels

Your salary is based on your certificate level, and your certificate level is assigned based on your educational background.

Certificate levels vary between jurisdictions.  Academic Certificate Level 5 in Prince Edward Island may not have the same name, value, or requirements in another province or territory. Contact the Registrar if you are not in agreement with the level assigned to your certificate.

Academic Certificate Level 4

You must successfully complete an approved one hundred and twenty (120) credit hour pre-service teacher education program, or a ninety (90) credit hour undergraduate degree plus a minimum thirty (30) credit hour recognized pre-service teacher education program resulting in a degree.

Academic Certificate Level 5

You must successfully complete an approved undergraduate academic bachelor's degree or equivalent and an approved pre-service teacher education bachelor's degree program or equivalent, totalling a minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) credit hours.

Academic Certificate Level 5A

You must successfully complete one full additional approved academic year of study in education coursework or in subject matter areas taught in the authorized PEI public school curriculum, which includes a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours beyond the requirements for the Certificate 5.

Academic Certificate Level 6

You must successfully complete a Masters degree program in education or in an approved academic area which is related to the PEI public school system resulting in a minimum of one hundred and eighty (180) credit hours of cumulative study at the university level. A masters degree which was counted as the pre-service teacher education program for certification purposes cannot be counted towards this level.

Academic Certificate Level 7

You must complete an additional Masters degree or doctoral degree in an approved area resulting in a minimum of two hundred and ten (210) credit hours of cumulative student at the university level. There is currently no pay increase associated with this level.


Published date: 
April 4, 2023
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