Prince Edward Island Association of Community Schools

If you are interested in developing a new skill or hobby you may want to register for a class through community school. Courses offered in communities across the province include, for example, rug hooking, computer use, photography, language and literacy courses and much more.

Is there a fee for a community school course?

The fee for a ten-week course ranges from $10 to $25. 

Is there a community school offered in my community?

More than 100 courses are offered in about 30 community school locations across PEI. For a current list of community school courses and locations, visit PEI Community Schools.

Who can I contact for information about community schools?

The PEI Community Schools Association program is volunteer-based, relying on up to 700 volunteers. A board of directors oversees the program.  For more information, contact a board member in your area.

Published date: 
June 14, 2016