Private Training School Instructor Authorization

If you are operating a registered private training school in PEI, you must have licensed instructors. Instructors must be registered with the Administrator of Private Training Schools.

For each proposed instructor, please complete an instructor authorization form. The Administrator of Private Training Schools will issue an Instructor Authorization License to approved applicants. 

Is my instructor eligible for authorization?

Your instructor must have one of the following training-work experience combinations relevant to the subject he or she will be teaching:

  • University degree plus 12 months experience;
  • Community college diploma plus 24 months experience;
  • Registered private training school diploma plus 24 months experience; or
  • High school diploma or equivalent, i.e. GED with 48 months experience.

Without one of the above combinations, a license may be issued if the instructor has:

  • Three years (36 months) teaching experience in the subject he or she is teaching;
  • Approval as an instructor from a government department, where such legal authority exists, i.e.  truck-driver instructor approval from Highway Safety, flight instructor license from Transport Canada; or
  • Approval from the Administrator of Private Training Schools for temporary employment. This may be issued for a limited term and possibly with conditions as long as the instructor is believed to be skilled in the course/program.

Who applies for instructor authorization?

The private training school must apply on behalf of the instructor. Once approved, the Administrator of Private Training Schools will issue a formal instructor authorization certificate directly to the school permitting  the instructor named on the license to teach only at that school and only the courses or programs named on the certificate.  If the instructor leaves the schools or upgrades qualifications to teach additional courses, a new license will be required.

Submit the completed Application for an Instructor Authorization .

What is the fee to apply?

The one-time fee to process an instructor authorization application is $35. Please include this payment with the application. There is no charge if the instructor has a Teacher’s Certificate under the Education Act, but it is still necessary to have the Instructor Authorization License from the administrator of private training schools.

What happens if there are no fully qualified instructors available for a school?

If the school can show they were unable to hire a fully qualified instructor, the administrator may issue a temporary authorization to approve an instructor without proper qualifications. The authorization will specify a time limit and possibly a condition, i.e. supervision required during instruction. The temporary authorization may be extended depending on the needs of the school and the performance of the temporary instructor.

Who can I contact about authorized instructors for private training schools?

Administrator of Private Training Schools
Province of Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Technology Centre, Suite 212
176 Great George Street
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

Phone: (902) 368-5570
Fax: (902) 368-6144


Published date: 
November 18, 2020
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