Public Schools Branch - Board of Directors

The Public Schools Branch (PSB) is a crown corporation responsible for the delivery of education services to English students throughout the entire province. The PSB has 56 schools from Souris to Tignish and approximately 19,400 students. The Branch has a budget of $200M+ and approximately 4,000 employees.

The Branch is responsible for the following:

  • to provide for the recruitment, employment, management and evaluation of the staff of the education authority;
  • to provide for the transportation of students to and from school;
  • to ensure facilities are maintained in a proper manner and to provide a safe learning environment for students;
  • to ensure the development of and approve school effectiveness plans;
  • to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of schools;
  • to follow the direction of the Minister respecting the delivery of professional development to address instructional personnel development needs; and
  • to follow the direction of the Minister respecting the implementation of the courses of study and education programs prescribed, approved or authorized pursuant to the Education Act.

The PSB has a director who serves as the CEO of the organization and reports directly to the Board of Directors of the PSB. The PSB has four different divisions that are responsible for carrying out the responsibilities of the organization:

  1. Corporate Services;
  2. Human Resources;
  3. Student Services; and
  4. Director of the Public Schools Branch Office

What is the function of the PSB Board of Directors?

Primary Role: Has a high level of responsibility and decision making authority.

Responsibilities of Board of Directors would include:

  • to attend meetings of the education authority and exercise the powers and duties of a member of the education authority in good faith;
  • to comply with (i) the Act and the regulations, (ii) an order of the Minister made pursuant to subsection 38(6) of the Act and directed to the member, (iii) the Minister’s directives, and (iv) the policies of the education authority;
  • to ensure appropriate policies are in place to allow for the efficient and safe operation of the education authority;
  • to provide financial oversight for the operations of the education authority;
  • to provide strategic direction to the organization with respect to identifying high level priorities for the organization;
  • to identify capital needs for the organization;
  • to liaise with education stakeholder groups on education matters affecting the education authority; and
  • to provide direction to the Director of the Public Schools Branch.

How many people are on the Board?

The affairs of the Branch shall be overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of:

  • Deputy Minister, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning shall serve as Chair of the Board; and
  • Two members from the public shall serve as members of the Board.

What are the requirements of Board Members?

Directors must be Canadian citizens, residents of PEI, and at least 18 years of age. Employees of a PEI education authority are not eligible to be appointed as directors. Prospective directors should have an interest in and understanding of public education and a mix of qualifications and personal qualities that would allow them to undertake the responsibilities of a position on this Board.

Experience in the following areas would be considered assets: knowledge of the education system, understanding of good business practices, policy development experience, strategic thinking, finance, human resource management, governance, legal/risk management, etc.  

Will I get paid?

Yes, members are paid a $4,000 annual stipend plus $142/meeting (which shall not exceed $20,000/year total for all members).

What are the nomination requirements?

Statutory Nomination Requirements

The Minister shall appoint the two board members.

What is the time commitment of the board?

The Board of Directors holds public meetings on a monthly basis during the school year and would typically meet once a month in addition to the public meetings.  Additional meetings may be required due to the issues being dealt with. Directors also attend public engagement meetings on a regular basis such as District Advisory Council meetings. 

All new nominees will be required to provide a satisfactory Criminal Record Check prior to appointment. The term of office of members of the Board shall be as specified by the Minister in the appointment letter. Directors can be re-appointed once their initial term ends. 

How can I apply?

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC), apply online through Engage PEI

Who can I contact about this board?

John Cummings
Executive Director of Educational Services
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
Tel: (902) 438-4879 

Published date: 
March 25, 2019
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