Indigenous Collections for Children

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional materials on these topics may be found in the library's collections.


ABC : animal babies of Canada by Jennifer Harrington & Michael Arnott
Akilak's adventure by Deborah Kigjugalik Webster & Charlene Chua
Alego by Ningeokuluk Teevee
The apple tree by Sandy Tharp-Thee
Ancient thunder by Leo Yerxa
Arctic stories by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak
Baseball bats for Christmas by Michael Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka
The birchbark house by Louise Erdrich
Blackflies by Robert Munsch & Jay Odjick
Brothers of the wolf by Caroll Simpson
Caribou song by Tomson Highway & John Rombough
Catching spring by Sylvia Olsen
Christmas at Wapos Bay by Jordan Wheeler & Dennis Jackson
The cloud artist : a Choctaw tale by Sherri Maret & Merisha Sequoia Clark
Code talker : a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two by Joseph Bruchac
Counting wild bears of the Native Northwest Coast by Gryn White
A Coyote solstice tale by Thomas King & Gary Clement
Coyote tales by Thomas King & Byron Eggenschwiler
Crazy horse's vision by Joseph Bruchac
The dark pond by Joseph Bruchac
A day with Yayah by Nicola I. Campbell & Julie Flett
Dipnetting with dad by Willie Sellars & Kevin Easthope
Dog tracks : a novel by Ruby Slipperjack
Dragonfly kites by Tomson Highway
Elisapee and her baby seagull by Nancy Mike & Charlene Chua
The first mosquito by Tomson Highway
Fox on the ice by Caroll Simpson
The game of silence by Louise Erdrich
Gentil Nanuk by Caroline Castle
Giving thanks by Jonathan London
The good luck cat by Joy Harjo
The hatchling's journey : a Blanding's turtle story by Kristin Bieber Domm
Hello humpback! by Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd
Hiawatha and the Peacemaker by Robbie Robertson and David Shannon
Hide and sneak by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka
Hokey Dowa Gerda and the Snowflake Girl by M.J. Matheson
How the cougar came to be called the ghost cat by Michael James Isaac & Dozay (Arlene) Christmas
How the fox got his crossed legs by Virginia Football
The Huron carol
I am raven : a story of discovery by David Bouchard & Andy Everson
I comme inuksuk by Mary Wallace & Martine Faubert
I is for Inuksuk : an Arctic celebration by Mary Wallace
I like who I am by Tara White & Lee Claremont
Julie of the wolves by Jean Craighead George
Just a walk by Jordan Wheeler & Christopher Auchter
Kamik : an Inuit puppy story by Donald Uluadluak & Qin Leng
Kookum's red shoes by Peter Eyvindon
Last leaf, first snowflake to fall by Leo Yerxa
Lesson for the wolf by Rachel & Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley & Alan Cook
Lessons from Mother Earth by Elaine McLeod
The lost island by E. Pauline Johnson
Love flute by Paul Goble
Owls see clearly at night : a Michif alphabet by Julie Flett
A little boy catches a whale by Helen Sylliboy
Little Voice by Ruby Slipperjack
Little you by Richard Van Camp
Long powwow nights! : Iskewsis - dear mother by David Bouchard & Pam Aleekuk
Loon Rock by Maxine Trottier
The lost teachings by Michael James Isaac, Dozay (Arlene) Christmas, Yolanda Denny, & Elizabeth Paul
Mama, do you love me? by Barbara M. Joosse
A man called Raven by Richard Van Camp
Melanie Bluelake's dream by Betty Dorion
Muinji'j becomes a man by Saqamaw Mi'sel Joe
Murder on the ridge by Ted Stenhouse
My Arctic 1, 2, 3 by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak & Vladyana Krykorka
My heart fills with happiness by Monique Gray Smith & Julie Flett
My name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling
Our grandmothers' words : traditional stories for nurturing featuring the art of Gerald Gloade by Prune Harris
No time to say goodbye : children's stories of Kuper Island Residential School by Sylvia Olsen, Rita Morris, and Ann Sam
Northern lights : the soccer trails by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak
The old ways by Susan Margaret Chapman
One good story, that one by Thomas King
Only in my hometown by Angnakuluk & Ippiksaut Vurisan
The orphan and the polar bear by Sakiasi Qaunaq & Eva Widermann
The owl and the lemming by Roselynn Akulukjuk & Amanda Sandland
Owls see clearly at night : a Michif alphabet by Julie Flett
The polar bear's gift by Jeanne Bushey
The power of harmony by Jan Coates
The rabbits' race by Deborah L. Delaronde & Virginia McCoy
Raven : a trickster tale from the Pacific Northwest by Gerald McDermott
The raven and the loon by Rachel & Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley
Sharing our world : animals of the Native Northwest Coast by Ian Reid
Shi-shi-etko by Nicola I. Campbell
Shin-chi's canoe by Nicola I. Campbell
Skeleton man by Joseph Bruchac
Solomon's tree by Andrea Spalding
Sometimes I feel like a fox by Danielle Danielle
The song within my heart by Allen Sapp & David Bouchard
Star Boy retold and illustrated by Paul Goble
Stolen words by Melanie Florence
The story of Jumping Mouse : a native American legend by John Steptoe
Sweetgrass by Jan Hudson
The thundermaker by Alan Syliboy
Thunder Boy Jr by Sherman Alexie
Turtle Island : the story of North America's first people by Eldon Yellowhorn
A walk on the shoreline by Rebecca Hainnu & Qin Leng
We all count : a book of Cree numbers by Julie Flett
Welcome song for baby : a lullaby for newborns by Richard Van Camp
We sang you home by Richard Van Camp & Julie Flett
What's my superpower? by Aviaq Johnston & Tim Mack
What's the most beautiful thing you know about horses? by Richard Van Camp
When we were alone by David Alexander Robertson & Julie Flett
Where did you get your moccasins? by Bernelda Wheeler & Herman Bekkering
Wild berries by Julie Flett
Wild eggs : a tale of Arctic egg collecting by Suzie Napayok-Short
The winter people by Joseph Bruchac
Written in stone by Rosanne Parry
You hold me up by Monique Gray Smith & Danielle Daniel
Zoe and the fawn by Catherine Jameson


Abegweit was their home
As long as the rivers flow by Larry Loyie & Constance Brissenden
Big Turtle by David McLimans
Canoe kids : teach us with culture & we can learn. Volume 3, The Mi'kmaq of Ktaqamkuk by Kelly Brownbill
The caribou feed our soul by Pete Enzoe & Mindy Willett
The cherokee : an independent nation by Anne M. Todd
Cloudwalker by Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd
Famous Native North Americans by Bobbie Kalman & Molly Aloian
Fatty legs : a true story by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
The first flock : certain rights based on Aboriginal heritage by Dustin Milligan & Meredith Luce
Go show the world : a celebration of Indigenous heroes by Wab Kinew & Joe Morse
Great women from our First Nations by Kelly Fournel
Great writers from our First Nations by Kimberly Sigafus and Lyle Ernst
Honouring the buffalo : a Plains Cree legend by Judith Silverthorne
I am not a number by Jenny Kay Dupuis, Kathy Kacer, & Gillian Newland
The Iroquois : the Six Nations Confederacy by Mary Englar
The kids book of Aboriginal peoples in Canada by Diane Silvey
The legend of the fog by Qaunaq Mikkigak, Joanne Schwartz, & Danny Christopher
The little hummingbird by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Looks like daylight : voices of indigenous by Deborah Ellis
Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams : inspired by Navajo culture and folklore by Gwen Jackson
The man who ran faster than everyone : the story of Tom Longboat by Jack Batten
Mi'kmaq community by Dolores Nixon
Muin and the seven bird hunters : a mi'kmaw night sky story by Lillian Marshall
A Native American thought of it : amazing inventions and innovations by Rocky Landon & David MacDonald
Native crafts : inspired by North America's First Peoples by Maxine Trottier
Nine Micmac legends by Alden Nowlan
Orca Chief by Roy Henry Vickers
Our grandmothers' words : traditional stories for nurturing featuring the art of Gerald Gloade by Prune Harris
The peacemaker : Thanadelthur by David Robertson
National Indigenous Peoples Day by Heather C. Hudak
North American Indian by David Murdoch
Not my girl by Christy Jordan-Fenton, Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, & Gabrielle Grimard
The Ojibwa : people of the Great Lakes by Anne M. Todd
Once in a blue moon by Danielle Daniel
The orange shirt story by Phyllis Webstad ; illustrations, Brock Nicol
Paiute princess : the story of Sarah Winnemucca by Deborah Kogan Ray
Peace dancer by Roy Henry Vickers, Robert Budd, & Roy Henry Vickers
Rainbow Crow by David Bouchard
Relationships with Aboriginal First Nations by Molly Jones
The secret of your name : proud to be Métis by David Bouchard,Dennis J. Weber, John Arcand, & Norman Fleury
Shannen and the dream for a school by Janet Wilson
The sharing circle : stories about First Nations culture by Theresa Meuse-Dallien
Sioux code talkers of World War II by Andrea M. Page
The Sioux : people of the Great Plains by Anne M. Todd
The sockeye mother by Hetxw'ms Gyetxw (Brett D. Huson) & Natasha Donovan
Speaking our truth : a journey of reconciliation Monique Gray Smith
Spirit bear by Jennifer Harrington
Spirits, fairies, and merpeople : Native stories of other worlds by C.J. Taylor
The spirit of the sea by Rebecca Hainnu
A stranger at home : a true story by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
Sugar Falls : a residential school story by David Robertson
Taan's moons : a Haida Moon Story by Alison Gear
Tecumseh by James Laxer
Turtle Island : the story of North America's first people by Eldon Yellowhorn & Kathy Lowinger
A walk on the tundra by Rebecca Hainnu, Anna Ziegler, & Qin Leng
The water walker by Joanne Robertson
When I was eight by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
Who is Maria Tallchief? by Catherine Gourley
Why do you smudge, Mishoomis? by the Indigenous Education Coalition

Published date: 
December 12, 2018
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