Indigenous Collections for Adults

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional materials on these topics may be found in the library's collections.

Adult Fiction

The antelope wife : a novel by Louise Erdrich
As long as the rivers flow by James Bartleman
Bearskin diary : a novel by Carol Daniels
Birdie : a novel by Tracey Lindberg
Blood sports by Eden Robinson
The bone seeker by M.J. McGrath
The boy in the snow by M.J. McGrath
The break by Katherena Vermette
Cibou : a novel by Susan Young de Biagi
Cold skies by Thomas King
The evolution of Alice by David Robertson
First wives club : Coast Salish style by Lee Maracle
Four souls by Louise Erdrich
Glass beads by Dawn Dumont
Green grass, running water by Thomas King
Grey eyes by Christopher Busch
Indian Horse : a novel by Richard Wagamese
Indian Horse : a novel [book club kit] by Richard Wagamese
Jonny Appleseed : a novel by Joshua Whitehead
Keeper'n me by Richard Wagamese
Love beyond body, space, and time : an Indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology edited by Hope Nicholson, Erin Cossar, & Sam Beiko
Love medicine by Louise Erdrich
A man came out of a door in the mountain : a novel by Adrianne Harun
Medicine river by Thomas King
Medicine walk by Richard Wagamese
Midnight sweatlodge by Waubgeshig Rice
Monkey beach by Eden Robinson
Motorcycles & sweetgrass : a novel by Drew Hayden Taylor
Motorcycles & sweetgrass : a novel [book club kit] by Drew Hayden Taylor
The next sure thing by Richard Wagamese
Night moves : stories by Richard Van Camp
One good story, that one : stories by Thomas King
The orenda by Joseph Boyden
The orenda [book club kit] by Joseph Boyden
The painted drum by Louise Erdrich
The painted drum [book club kit] by Louise Erdrich
The painted drum [CD sound recording] by Louise Erdrich
The plague of doves by Louise Erdich
The plague of doves [large print] by Louise Erdrich
Porcupines and china dolls : a novel by Robert Arthur Alexie
A quality of light by Richard Wagamese
Red : a Haida manga by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
The redemption of Oscar Wolf by James Bartleman
Rose's run by Dawn Dumont
The round house by Louise Erdrich
The round house [sound recording] by Louise Erdrich
Sanaaq : an Inuit novel by Bernard Saladin d'Anglure & Peter Frost
Shadow tag by Louise Erdrich
Shadow tag [large print] by Louise Erdrich
A short history of Indians in Canada : stories by Thomas King
Son of a trickster by Eden Robinson
Starlight : an unfinished novel by Richard Wagamese
There there by Tommy Orange
Thirteen moons : a novel by Charles Frazier
Three day road : a novel by Joseph Boyden
Three day road : a novel [book club kit] by Joseph Boyden
Through black spruce by Joseph Boyden
Through black spruce [CD sound recording] by Joseph Boyden
Tilly : a story of hope and resilience by Monique Gray Smith
Traplines by Eden Robinson
Trickster drift by Eden Robinson
Truth & bright water by Thomas King
Two trails narrow : a novel by Stephen McGregor
Wenjack by Joseph Boyden
White heat by M.J. McGrath
Wings of glass by Amber Lee Kolson
The world above the sky by Kent Stetson

Art, History, and People

Aboriginal domestic violence in Canada by Judie Bopp
All our relations : finding the path forward by Tanya Talaga
All the way : my life on ice by Jordin Tootoo
Ancestral images : the Mi'kmaq in art and photography by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
Atlas of Indian nations by Anton Treuer
Back to the red road : a story of survival, redemption and love by Florence Kaefer & Edward Gamblin
Buffy Sainte-Marie : the authorized biography by Andrea Warner
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee : an Indian history of the American West by Dee Brown
Canada's first nations : a history of founding peoples from earliest times by Olive Patricia Dickason
Children of the broken treaty : Canada's lost promise and one girl's dream by Charlie Angus
The civil war of 1812 : American citizens, British subjects, Irish rebels, & Indian allies by Alan Taylor
Clearing the Plains : disease, politics of starvation, and the loss of Aboriginal life by James Daschuk
A concise history of Canada's first nations by Olive Patricia Dickason
Creative native American beading by Theresa Flores Geary
Crowfoot by Carlotta Hacker
Dances with dependency : indigenous success through self-reliance by Calvin Helin
Dancing with a ghost : exploring Indian reality by Rupert Ross
Daniel Paul : Mi'kmaw elder by Jon Tattrie
Empire of the summer moon : Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history by S.C. Gwynne
Every day is a good day : reflections of contemporary indigenous women by Wilma Mankiller
A feast for all seasons : traditional native people's cuisine by Andrew George & Robert Gairns
Firewater : how alcohol is killing my people (and yours) by Harold Johnson
First Nations in the twenty-first century by James S. Frideres
First peoples of Canada : masterworks from the Canadian Museum of Civilization by Jean-Luc Pilon & Nicholette Prince
From treaty peoples to treaty nation : a road map for all Canadians by Greg Poelzer
Helpless : Caledonia's nightmare of fear and anarchy, and how the law failed all of us by Christie Blatchford
A history of the Native people of Canada. Volume III (A.D. 500 - European contact). Part I, Maritime Algonquian, St. Lawrence Iroquois, Ontario Iroquois, Glen Meyer/Western Basin, and Northern Algonquian cultures by J.V. Wright
Homelands and empires : Indigenous spaces, imperial fictions, and competition for territory in Northeastern North America, 1690-1763 by Jeffers Lennox
#IDLENOMORE and the remaking of Canada by Ken Coates
The inconvenient Indian : a curious account of Native People in North America by Thomas King
The inconvenient Indian : a curious account of Native People in North America [book club kit] by Thomas King
Indian school road : legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School by Chris Benjamin
Inuit modern : the Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection
Lethal legacy : current native controversies in Canada by James Roger Miller
Let us remember the old Mi'kmaq by Frederick Johnson, photographer
Lighting the eighth fire : the liberation, resurgence, and protection of Indigenous Nations edited by Leanne Simpson
Living treaties : narrating Mi'kmaw treaty relations edited by Marie Battiste
The long exile : a true story of deception and survival among the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic by Melanie McGrath
Mamaskatch : a Cree coming of age by Darrel J. McLeod
Me artsy edited by Drew Hayden Taylor
Me funny
Metepenagiag : New Brunswick's oldest village by Patricia Allen
Misel Joe : an aboriginal chief's journey by Raoul R. Andersen & John K. Crellin
Micmac by choice : Elsie Sark, an island legend by M. Olga McKenna
The Mi'kmaq by Stephen A. Davis
The Mi'kmaq anthology
Mi'kmaq medicines : remedies and recollections by Laurie Lacey
Mi'kmaq treaties on trial : history, land and Donald Marshall Junior by William C. Wicken
My conversations with Canadians by Lee Maracle
My Mi'kmaq mother Nkij by Julie Pellissier-Lush
Native American weapons by Colin F. Taylor
Native peoples : the Canadian experience by C. Roderick Wilson & Christopher Fletcher
New histories for old : changing perspectives on Canada's native pasts by Ted Binnema & Susan Neylan
Ni'n na L'nu : the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island by A.J.B Johnston & Jesse Francis
No need of a chief for this band : the Maritime Mi'kmaq and federal electoral legislation, 1899-1951 by Martha Walls
Oka : a political crisis and its legacy by Harry Swain
The old man told us : excerpts from Micmac history, 1500-1950 by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
On the trail of elder brother : Glous'gap stories of the Micmac Indians by Michael B. Running Wolf & Patricia Clark Smith
Our lives in our hands : Micmac Indian basketmakers by Bunny McBride
Our original games : a look at Aboriginal sport in Canada by Bruce Miller
The peoples of Canada : a pre-Confederation history by J.M. Bumsted
Price paid : the fight for First Nations survival by Bev Sellars
The Ray Sark collection of Mi'kmaq baskets by Pan Wendt and Faye Pound
The reason you walk by Wab Kinew
Reconciliation : a work in progress
The Riverton Rifle : straight shooting on hockey and on life : my story by Reggie Leach
The Sasquatch at home : traditional protocols & modern storytelling by Eden Robinson
Seven fallen feathers : racism, death, and hard truths in a northern city by Tanya Talaga
Short nights of the Shadow Catcher : the epic life and immortal photographs of Edward Curtis by Timothy Egan
The Sioux chef's indigenous kitchen Sean Sherman & Beth Dooley
Song of Rita Joe : autobiography of a Mi'kmaq poet by Rita Joe
The Spirit sings : artistic traditions of Canada's first peoples by Julia D. Harrison et al.
Stolen sisters : an inquiry into feminicide in Canada by Emmanuelle Walter
The stone canoe : two lost Mi'kmaq texts by Elizabeth Paul
Surviving Canada : Indigenous peoples celebrate 150 years of betrayal
Tracking Doctor Lonecloud : showman to legend keeper by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
The truth about stories : a native narrative by Thomas King
21 things you may not know about the Indian Act by Bob Joseph
Unsettling encounters : First Nations imagery in the art of Emily Carr by Gerta Moray
Walking in the woods : a Métis memoir by Herb Belcourt
We were not the savages : collision between European and native American civilizations by Daniel N. Paul
Will I see? by David Robertson, Iskwé, Erin Leslie, & G.M.B. Chomichuk

Legends, Folklore, Healing, and Spirituality

365 days of walking the Red Road : the native American path to leading a spiritual life every day by Terri Jean
Bird medicine : the sacred power of bird shamanism by Evan T. Pritchard
Braiding sweetgrass : indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Circle of life : traditional teachings of Native American elders by James David Audlin
Dangerous spirits : the windigo in myth and history by Shawn Smallman
Healing the soul wound : counseling with American Indians and other native peoples by Eduardo Duran
Historic trauma and aboriginal healing by Cynthia C. Wesley-Esquimaux & Magdalena Smolewski
The hollow tree : fighting addiction with traditional Native healing by Herb Nabigon
The illustrated encyclopedia of American Indian mythology : legends, gods, and spirits of North, Central, and South America by David M. Jones & Brian L. Molyneaux
Légendes micmacs de l'Ile-du-Prince-Edouard by John Joe Sark
The language of this land, Mi'kma'ki by Trudy Sable & Bernie Francis
Legends of the Micmacs by Silas Terius Rand
Mi'kmaq hieroglyphic prayers : readings in North America's first indigenous script edited by David L. Schmidt and Murdena Marshall
Mi'kmaq medicines : remedies and recollections by Laurie Lacey
Micmac legends of Prince Edward Island by John Joe Sark
Muin and the seven bird hunters : a mi'kmaw night sky story by Lillian Marshall
Rekindling the sacred fire : Métis ancestry and Anishinaabe spirituality by Chantal Fiola
Religion and healing in Native America : pathways for renewal edited by Suzanne J. Crawford O'Brien
The sacred tree by Judie Bopp
Sagkeeng legends by John C. Courchene
Shamanism in North America by Norman Bancroft Hunt
Stories from the Six Worlds : Mi'kmaw legends by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
Taking back our spirits : Indigenous literature, public policy, and healing by Jo-Ann Episkenew
Warrior-caregivers : understanding the challenges and healing of First Nations men : a guide prepared for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation by W.J. (Bill) Mussell
Whispers of the ancients : native tales for teaching and healing in our time by Tamarack Song
The witch of Port LaJoye by Joyce Barkhouse

Residential Schools

Aboriginal people, resilience and the residential school legacy by Madeleine Dion Stout & Gregory Kipling
Back to the red road : a story of survival, redemption and love by Florence Kaefer & Edward Gamblin
Decolonizing education : nourishing the learning spirit by Marie Ann Battiste
Directory of residential schools in Canada
Fetal alcohol syndrome among aboriginal people in Canada : review and analysis of the intergenerational links to residential schools by Caroline Tait
Final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Volume one, Summary : honouring the truth, reconciling for the future by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
Finding my talk : how fourteen Native women reclaimed their lives after residential school by Agnes Grant
From truth to reconciliation : transforming the legacy of residential schools by Marlene Brant Castellano, Linda Archibald, & Mike DeGagné
Indian school road : legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School by Chris Benjamin
Magic weapons : Aboriginal writers remaking community after residential school by Sam McKegney
Reconciliation : a work in progress
Residential schools, prisons, and HIV/AIDS among Aboriginal people in Canada by J. Kevin Barlow
Residential schools : with the words and images of survivors by Larry Loyie
Resistance and renewal : surviving the Indian residential school by Celia Haig-Brown
Response, responsibility, and renewal : Canada's truth and reconciliation journey by Gregory Younging, Jonathan Dewar, & Mike DeGagné
Secret path by Gord Downie
Speaking my truth : reflections on reconciliation & residential school by Shelagh Rogers, Mike DeGagné, & Jonathan Dewar
Speaking my truth : [book club kit] : reflections on reconciliation & residential school by Shelagh Rogers, Mike DeGagné, & Jonathan Dewar
Stolen from our embrace : the abduction of First Nations children and the restoration of aboriginal communities by Suzanne Fournier & Ernie Crey
The education of Augie Merasty : a residential school memoir by Joseph Auguste Merasty
They called me number one : secrets and survival at an Indian residential school by Bev Sellars
Up Ghost River : a chief's journey through the turbulent waters of Native history by Edmund Metatawabin

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December 12, 2018
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