Provincial Heritage Fair

The provincial heritage fair is an annual exhibition for students in Grades 5 to 9 to present their heritage projects. Students learn about a Canadian heritage topic that interests them and then present their work through displays, creative writing or performance.

All participating students present their projects at their school. Top presenters are selected to attend the provincial heritage fair held annually in May. Provincial finalists are invited to participate in the national Young Citizens video contest. Students create a 3-5 minute video of their Heritage Fair project and post it online for voting. 

How do I register my school to participate in the Heritage Fair?

Before the December deadline, submit a completed Provincial Heritage Fair School Registration Form.

Before the April deadline, provide a list of students attending the provincial heritage fair, their project title and display needs. Submit a completed Student Project List.

How do I register for the Heritage Fair?

Before the April deadline, school Heritage Fair contacts submit completed Individual Student Registration Forms.


Where can I find a list of past Heritage Fair winners?

View the news release from May 4th to view the 2018 Heritage Fair winners.  

View the list of awards presented during the 2018 Heritage Fair closing ceremonies.

Where can I find a list of past Special Prizes awarded?

View a list of the 2018 Special Prizes awarded.

Who do I contact about the Provincial Heritage Fair?

Provincial Heritage Fair Coordinator
1st Floor Sullivan Building
16 Fitzroy Street
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
Telephone: (902) 368-5940
Fax: (902) 368-4663 fax

Published date: 
September 13, 2018